Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God

Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God

author:QinDing Genre:Action Status:Ongoing time:2024-06-30 22:09:35 count:1371

Ascending the Heavens as an Evil Goddescription: A shut-in accidentally transmigrated while playing a dark R18 banned-cultivation gal game, and he brought this game panel called 《Evil God Cultivation》 with him… The cultivation of an Evil God requir
Ascending the Heavens as an Evil GodLatest Chapter:Chapter 551: Mu Qishuang

《Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God》Latest chapter

Chapter 551: Mu Qishuang
Chapter 550: First Kill
Chapter 549: I want to go home
Chapter 548: Twin Dragons of Time and Space
Chapter 547: Light and Justice
Chapter 546: Time and Time
Chapter 545: Retrieval
Chapter 544: Mistaken
Chapter 543: 5 Years, Tier 12
Chapter 542: Advent of Holy Light
Chapter 541: Hidden Ascender
Chapter 540: Misunderstanding
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《Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God》Chapter

Chapter 1: An Evil God
Chapter 2: Those at an advantage grinned from ear to ear
Chapter 3: The Campus Beauty’s Personal Soldier King Bodyguard
Chapter 4: Cruelly Destroying Flowers
Chapter 5: Gu Nian’s Goal
Chapter 6: The Wedding Begins, Famous Martial Artists
Chapter 7: Decimating Internal Energy Experts
Chapter 8: Justice will eventually defeat evil!
Chapter 9: I need to transmigrate again?
Chapter 10: Mingguang Ascension Center
Chapter 11: Challenge Dungeon
Chapter 12: Information on Star Realm
Chapter 13: The Half-Hidden Truth
Chapter 14: Courting Death
Chapter 15: Strongest Kite Weapon in the Novice Period
Chapter 16: Radiant Tower
Chapter 17: Do you wipe your ass when you use the restroom?
Chapter 18: Azure City’s Mission
Chapter 19: This is all to protect your… blood
Chapter 20: Pursuers Around the Corner
Chapter 21: A True Top Player
Chapter 22: Second Equipment Page: Soaring Strength
Chapter 23: Radiant Tower Arena
Chapter 24: Multiplayer Dungeon, Collaborative Mission
Chapter 25: Immortal Demon World
Chapter 26: Killing the Whole Family
Chapter 27: Crazy Hunter
Chapter 28: A Murderous Heart
Chapter 29: The Last Stop
Chapter 30: Prodigious Realm!
Chapter 31: The Legendary Bug
Chapter 32: Side Quest Completed
Chapter 33: The Deal with Qin Xuanji
Chapter 34: Returning to Langya World Again
Chapter 35: Mindset and Luring Monsters
Chapter 36: The Divine Art of Blood
Chapter 37: Crushed
Chapter 38: Traces of the Gods, Past and Present Life
Chapter 39: Chance Encounter
Chapter 40: Because I’m Happy
Chapter 41: Visiting Immortal Demon World Again
Chapter 42: Quite Strong
Chapter 43: Polis Witch
Chapter 44: Young Demon Lord Du Mian
Chapter 45: Teacher
Chapter 46: Night of the Full Moon, Price
Chapter 47: Azure Dragon Hall, Bait
Chapter 48: His Target is You
Chapter 49: IQ Suppression
Chapter 50: Hunting a Prodigious Realm Cultivator
Chapter 51: Bai Luoluo’s Transmigration Journey
Chapter 52: Combat Coach
Chapter 53: Xu Feiyan
Chapter 54: Familiar Mission
Chapter 55: White Dew Town
Chapter 56: Demon Invasion
Chapter 57: Hook Up
Chapter 58: Hostile Agent?
Chapter 59: Poisonous Lu Zhanyu
Chapter 60: Finally Advancing to Tier 3
Chapter 61: Treatment
Chapter 62: Battling the Demon Lord
Chapter 63: Aftermath of the Battle
Chapter 64: The Path of Revenge
Chapter 65: Buddhist Monk
Chapter 66: Independent Reincarnator
Chapter 67: Jing Nan’s Turtle Shell
Chapter 68: Punching a monk to death
Chapter 69: Tang Xuan’s Gift
Chapter 70: Goddess Sect’s Secret Technique
Chapter 71: Shi Family’s Siblings
Chapter 72: Master Gu
Chapter 73: Gu Nian Arrives
Chapter 74: The Downside of Reincarnation
Chapter 75: Let’s discuss it later
Chapter 76: Banquet
Chapter 77: Give me some face
Chapter 78: Martial Arts Hall’s Recruitment
Chapter 79: Lin Yunyun
Chapter 80: Military Goddess
Chapter 81: Psychic Martial Arts
Chapter 82: Little Bai, come out to greet the guests!
Chapter 83: Source
Chapter 84: Fight
Chapter 85: Qualifications
Chapter 86: Alley Girl Addicted to Drugs
Chapter 87: Unexpected World
Chapter 88: Gu Nan’s “Protection”
Chapter 89: Plane Leap
Chapter 90: Goddess of Revenge
Chapter 91: Senior, please spare me!
Chapter 92: Yan Xiaoxiao’s Whereabouts
Chapter 93: Plane Teleportation Array
Chapter 94: The Past
Chapter 95: Complicated Feelings
Chapter 96: “Censored”
Chapter 97: Only lolis and lilies shall remain eternal
Chapter 98: Martial Arts Competition
Chapter 99: One After Another
Chapter 100: Those who object can die
Chapter 101: Kill
Chapter 102: The Gu Family’s Decisiveness
Chapter 103: Orphan
Chapter 104: Projectile
Chapter 105: New Weapon——Blade of the Sanguine King
Chapter 106: Taking a Life with Each Strike
Chapter 107: Gu Xingzhu and Convictions
Chapter 108: Clue’s Location
Chapter 109: Starship
Chapter 110: Crazy Warrior
Chapter 111: Love-Hate Relationship
Chapter 112: All Sides
Chapter 113: A Note with the Word “Maes”
Chapter 114: Duel
Chapter 115: Start of the Massacre
Chapter 116: Injury
Chapter 117: Masterminds
Chapter 118: Massacre and War
Chapter 119: Reappearance of Apostles
Chapter 120: An Unexpected Familiar Face
Chapter 121: Luxuriant Blossoms
Chapter 122: Waiting out a cooldown
Chapter 123: Bloodletting
Chapter 124: So that’s it
Chapter 125: Feng Lun’s Pain and Joy
Chapter 126: Meeting
Chapter 127: Hacked to Death
Chapter 128: Return of the Prodigal Son: Young Master Feng
Chapter 129: Infiltration
Chapter 130: The Most Efficient Method to Farm Apostle-Type Monsters
Chapter 131: San Wei’s Goal
Chapter 132: First Appearance of a Void Cutter Existence
Chapter 133: Yue Qianleng
Chapter 134: Qin Xuanji’s Methods
Chapter 135: Injuries
Chapter 136: Friends and Allies Deserting
Chapter 137: Skyrocketing Evil Value
Chapter 138: Holding a Grudge
Chapter 139: Bloodline Alliance Branch Office
Chapter 140: Keeping a Promise
Chapter 141: The Arcana of Shadow
Chapter 142: A New Journey
Chapter 143: Encountering an Acquaintance
Chapter 144: Fu Jing
Chapter 145: Planetary Rings and Dao Halls
Chapter 146: Child of Destiny
Chapter 147: Era of Main Characters
Chapter 148: Six Great Dao Lords
Chapter 149: Heavenly Mystery
Chapter 150: White Mist
Chapter 151: As You Wish
Chapter 152: Grand Commander
Chapter 153: Lets Fight
Chapter 154: Red Tail
Chapter 155: Translation Method—Mirror of White Mist
Chapter 156: On How to Identify a Mysterious Expert
Chapter 157: Law of Causality
Chapter 158: Harem of Corpses
Chapter 159: One Slash, Six Attacks
Chapter 160: Morningstar Plane
Chapter 161: Young Heroic Spirit Summoner
Chapter 162: Han Feng
Chapter 163: Faceless
Chapter 164: Hunt
Chapter 165: Side Quest—Twin Heroic Spirits
Chapter 166: Sun
Chapter 167: Heroic Spirit Temple
Chapter 168: Reputation
Chapter 169: Moon Thralls Trail
Chapter 170: Infection
Chapter 171: The Continents Sinner
Chapter 172: So this was an apocalypse dungeon
Chapter 173: Apocalyptic Catastrophe
Chapter 174: Invitation
Chapter 175: Three Major Camps
Chapter 176: Surnamed Zhao
Chapter 177: Persuasion
Chapter 178: The Moon Thralls...
Chapter 179: A Scary Picture
Chapter 180: Moon Thralls Footsteps
Chapter 181: Target, Research Lab
Chapter 182: My Surname is Jiang
Chapter 183: Ghost Tree
Chapter 184: Enemy of the World
Chapter 185: Big Brother
Chapter 186: Greatsword
Chapter 187: Multiple Personalities
Chapter 188: Conclusion
Chapter 189: King of the Northern Region
Chapter 190: I am the Walkthrough
Chapter 191: A Day in Chu Kangs Life
Chapter 192: The Heavily Injured Lan Si
Chapter 193: My Surname is Gu
Chapter 194: Star Ruler, Star Ruler
Chapter 195: Starting Point Kill
Chapter 196: Efficiency
Chapter 197: Guests from the Central Region
Chapter 198: Postponing the Mission
Chapter 199: Catching a Powerful Figure’s Attention
Chapter 200: Guan Sheng
Chapter 201: Pursuit
Chapter 202: The Buddha of Ten Thousand Samara Awakens After 9,000 Reincarnations
Chapter 203: The Buddha of No Return
Chapter 204: One Person, One Sword
Chapter 205: They Sure Fled Fast
Chapter 206: Taking Over Heaven and Earth Star
Chapter 207: Repulsive Force
Chapter 208: The Dao Lords Decision
Chapter 209: The Woman With No Shadow
Chapter 210: Heaven and Earth Star Standing Committee
Chapter 211: Imagination Grandmaster Gu Nan
Chapter 212: Manipulating Destiny
Chapter 213: Scheme
Chapter 214: Exhausting All Schemes
Chapter 215: Total Annihilation
Chapter 216: Law Nullification
Chapter 217: Mechanism
Chapter 218: News from the Central Region
Chapter 219: Three Months
Chapter 220: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction
Chapter 221: A Fragmented Divine Kingdom
Chapter 222: Yan Xiaoxiaos Willfulness
Chapter 223: Final Glory
Chapter 224: All Gathered in Wu Gui City
Chapter 225: Immortal Demon Meeting
Chapter 226: Goodbye, Overseer
Chapter 227: Light and Darkness
Chapter 228: Tailor-Made and Decisiveness
Chapter 229: Corpse Flowers Death
Chapter 230: Taking Control
Chapter 231: Handling the Aftermath
Chapter 232: Law of Resurrection
Chapter 233: Building the Divine Kingdom from Zero
Chapter 234: Around the Corner
Chapter 235: Duanmu
Chapter 236: Unexpected Guest
Chapter 237: Clue
Chapter 238: Cant be Resurrected?
Chapter 239: Live Combat Test
Chapter 240: Starry Ocean Pavilion’s Style
Chapter 241: Yue Jiu
Chapter 242: Find Ying Ge
Chapter 243: Seclusion
Chapter 244: Strange Woman
Chapter 245: Price
Chapter 246: On How to Find the Duanmu Family
Chapter 247: Sword or Fist?
Chapter 248: Overwhelming Tactical Victory
Chapter 249: My Name is Ying Ge
Chapter 250: Unexpected
Chapter 251: Ying Ge and Zi Dian
Chapter 252: Green Clothes
Chapter 253: One Step Closer to the Truth
Chapter 254: Champions World
Chapter 255: Abilities and Items
Chapter 256: Wave Control
Chapter 257: Novices?
Chapter 258: Level 2 Rush
Chapter 259: Instant Kill
Chapter 260: Give me the kill
Chapter 261: Tower Dive
Chapter 262: Gank
Chapter 263: Legendary
Chapter 264: Counterattack
Chapter 265: Yang Quans Realization
Chapter 266: Concept of Time
Chapter 267: Ying Ges Surprise
Chapter 268: Zi Luo Heaven
Chapter 269: Visiting Astral Gate Again
Chapter 270: Ghost Sea World
Chapter 271: Zhu Qin
Chapter 272: Visit
Chapter 273: Xin Berg
Chapter 274: Blasphemy is Sin
Chapter 275: Changes in Starry Ocean Pavilion
Chapter 276: Third Law, Deity’s Descent!
Chapter 277: Here to kill someone
Chapter 278: I dont really care
Chapter 279: I know it better than you
Chapter 280: Suicide
Chapter 281: Ruthless
Chapter 282: Too Late
Chapter 283: Raising Livestock
Chapter 284: The Price for Helping
Chapter 285: Dream World
Chapter 286: Nightmare
Chapter 287: Gu Nans Weakness
Chapter 288: Confrontation Within a Dream
Chapter 289: Found
Chapter 290: Kills
Chapter 291: Tier 5
Chapter 292: Divine Kingdom Construction
Chapter 293: Indigo Mound
Chapter 294: Golden Giant
Chapter 295: Don’t try to negotiate
Chapter 296: Otherworldly Clans
Chapter 297: Acquaintances at the Banquet
Chapter 298: Guan Hongchen
Chapter 299: On the Right Track
Chapter 300: Yeah
Chapter 301: Zhongli Sword Sect
Chapter 302: Regional Management Platform
Chapter 303: Life-Death Stone
Chapter 304: Seven Stars League
Chapter 305: Nirvana Heaven
Chapter 306: The Legendary Auction?
Chapter 307: Conjecture
Chapter 308: Unforeseen Event
Chapter 309: Start of the Decisive Battle
Chapter 310: Zuo Zuo’s Origin
Chapter 311: Nine Abyss Heavenly Demon
Chapter 312: Punched to Death
Chapter 313: Shatter Everything
Chapter 314: Apostle Hall
Chapter 315: Black Hole Plane
Chapter 316: The Dangerous Edge of the World
Chapter 317: Passing By
Chapter 318: Befallen by Disaster
Chapter 319: Saint Corridor
Chapter 320: The Man with a Dragon on His Shoulder
Chapter 321: Requesting Reinforcements
Chapter 322: White Bones Realm
Chapter 323: The Ingenious Use of Transcendent Realm Martial Artists
Chapter 324: Assassination
Chapter 325: Natural-Born Child of Destiny
Chapter 326: Ah Xius Fate
Chapter 327: Glazed Jade Bones
Chapter 328: The Invincible Power of Space?
Chapter 329: Lacking Fine Control
Chapter 330: The So-Called Oriole Behind
Chapter 331: Divine Kingdom Contribution Points
Chapter 332: The Function of Special Structures
Chapter 333: A Pair of Master and Disciple
Chapter 334: Silver Robe, Silver Mask
Chapter 335: Soldiers at the City Walls
Chapter 336: A Sword in Her Heart
Chapter 337: A Living Mist Mirror
Chapter 338: Target: Silver-Robed Ancestor
Chapter 339: Unstable Aggro
Chapter 340: “Good Samaritan” Gu Nan
Chapter 341: Long Linger’s Origin
Chapter 342: Unwarranted Disaster
Chapter 343: Rending Mountain Venerable
Chapter 344: A New Goal
Chapter 345: Human Smuggling
Chapter 346: Lu Xinhuan
Chapter 347: One More Person
Chapter 348: I cleared this dungeon before
Chapter 349: The Undead Kingdom
Chapter 350: Vampire Maiden
Chapter 351: Little Zhong Dies Hobby
Chapter 352: Central Gladiator Arena
Chapter 353: Origin Blood
Chapter 354: Bringing Umbrellas
Chapter 355: Blood Diet
Chapter 356: Knocking
Chapter 357: Large Net
Chapter 358: The Goddess of Shadows and the Heaven-God Alliance
Chapter 359: Gods and Star Rulers
Chapter 360: Cains Left Hand
Chapter 361: Mirror God Norris
Chapter 362: Visit
Chapter 363: Outcome
Chapter 364: Saving Money
Chapter 365: Sacred Catacombs of the Undead
Chapter 366: I'm Sure
Chapter 367: Return Trip
Chapter 368: Extreme Sword Heaven
Chapter 369: Qu Hongye
Chapter 370: Strongest Swordsman Of The Myriad Heavens
Chapter 371: Xue Ren's Request
Chapter 372: Divinity
Chapter 373: Vision For A Player Army
Chapter 374: Alteration In The Void Ruins
Chapter 375: Making A Move
Chapter 376: Protection Of Nine Stars
Chapter 377: Protect Gu Nan
Chapter 378: Transmigration
Chapter 379: Prelude To The Divine Kingdom War
Chapter 380: The Reason The Heaven-God Alliance Exists
Chapter 381: Box
Chapter 382: Lost
Chapter 383: Fan Hua And Dong Xun
Chapter 384: Deep And Righteous Friendship
Chapter 385: Aftermath
Chapter 386: Grand Army
Chapter 387: Jin Lin
Chapter 388: Farm It Again
Chapter 389: Repercussions
Chapter 390: Karma
Chapter 391: Siege
Chapter 392: Star Rulers Arrive
Chapter 393: Don't Recognize Anyone
Chapter 394: World-Renowned With One Battle
Chapter 395: Zi Luo's Past
Chapter 396: Two Years, Tier 7
Chapter 397: Real And Fake Unified Dao Ascensions
Chapter 398: Count Him Unlucky
Chapter 399: Confusing Battle
Chapter 400: Monk Nuxin
Chapter 401: Leave None Alive
Chapter 402: Fang Chaoyun
Chapter 403: First Clash With The Thirteen Heavens
Chapter 404: Don't Be A Wimp
Chapter 405: Reactions From All Sides
Chapter 406: Heaven-God Alliance Core Members
Chapter 407: Zi Luo's Might
Chapter 408: Zhong Qinghe
Chapter 409: Dragon Realm
Chapter 410: Metallic Silver Island
Chapter 411: Wrestling Goddess Karina
Chapter 412: Selling Out A Teammate
Chapter 413: Zhong Qinghe
Chapter 414: Reward
Chapter 415: Shadow Cult Event
Chapter 416: Another Shadow User
Chapter 417: Homecoming And Black Cards
Chapter 418: Weakness
Chapter 419: Shadow Sword Saint
Chapter 420: Bandit An Tiansheng
Chapter 421: Daughter Of God
Chapter 422: Very Expensive
Chapter 423: Weakness
Chapter 424: Chance
Chapter 425: Entrusting
Chapter 426: Shifting The Blame
Chapter 427: Archmage Claude
Chapter 428: Powerful Undead
Chapter 429: Crusaders
Chapter 430: Darkness and Opportunity
Chapter 431: Helper
Chapter 432: Goro
Chapter 433: Dividing the Spoils
Chapter 434: Blacksmith Temple
Chapter 435: Pay to Win Expert
Chapter 436: Ten Years Time Limit
Chapter 437: Ambush and Reorganization
Chapter 438: A New Target
Chapter 439: Red
Chapter 440: Indigo Mound Tribe’S Crisis
Chapter 441: Charge!
Chapter 442: The Role Of Divine Servants
Chapter 443: Unexpected Variable
Chapter 444: Mastermind
Chapter 445: Cause
Chapter 446: Zhuangxuan
Chapter 447: Savage Beasts World
Chapter 448: Expert At Courting Death
Chapter 449: Yan Xiaoxiao's Choice
Chapter 450: Misplaced Mission
Chapter 451: Bad Luck Charm
Chapter 452: Legend Of The Red Embroidered Ball
Chapter 453: God Of Love
Chapter 454: Elise's Origins
Chapter 455: Qin Ning's Scheme
Chapter 456: Yin Yang Swords
Chapter 457: Opportunity
Chapter 458: Goro’S Whereabouts
Chapter 459: Blade Of Night
Chapter 460: Prey
Chapter 461: Confounding Mystery
Chapter 462: Tier 8
Chapter 463: Naming The Astral World
Chapter 464: Seeking Revenge
Chapter 465: Post-War Impact
Chapter 466: Found Out
Chapter 467: Sylvia, Savior Of The World?
Chapter 468: Wu Tian Returns To The Sect
Chapter 469: Weak Gods Hunting Manual
Chapter 470: Pandora's Box
Chapter 471: Response
Chapter 472: Enmity
Chapter 473: Meeting Of The Thirteen Heavens
Chapter 474: Nightmare Continent
Chapter 475: Murder Suspect
Chapter 476: Shi Yeyan
Chapter 477: Overt Schemes, Hidden Schemes
Chapter 478: Motive Uncovered
Chapter 479: Song Fei's Decisiveness
Chapter 480: Joining The War
Chapter 481: Teammates
Chapter 482: Starting The Hunt
Chapter 483: Snow God
Chapter 484: Preparations For The Final Divine Kingdom War
Chapter 485: Ghost Of The Battlefield
Chapter 486: Another Ghost
Chapter 487: Investigation
Chapter 488: Another Test
Chapter 489: Each With Their Own Schemes
Chapter 490: Traitor
Chapter 491: Message
Chapter 492: What Does He Want?
Chapter 493: Speculations
Chapter 494: Entering Tier 9 First
Chapter 495: Imperial Glory Heaven Falls
Chapter 496: Send Him On His Way
Chapter 497: Second Round's Mission
Chapter 498: Sure-Hit Sword
Chapter 499: One Punch
Chapter 500: Invitation
Chapter 501: Eccentric Isolated From The World
Chapter 502: Three Days & Sneak Attack
Chapter 503: Arms Dealer
Chapter 504: Special Forces
Chapter 505: Countermeasure
Chapter 506: Discovered
Chapter 507: Holy Light
Chapter 508: Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 509: Public Enemy Of The Gods
Chapter 510: Realm For One
Chapter 511: Dream Realm
Chapter 512: Second Round
Chapter 513: Agreement Among Unified Dao Powers
Chapter 514: Name Change
Chapter 515: Path Post-Second Round
Chapter 516: Greater God Dimension
Chapter 517: Subject No. 29
Chapter 518: Origin Of The Ancient Three Realms
Chapter 519: Essence Of The World
Chapter 520: King Of The World
Chapter 521: Blasphemer Project
Chapter 522: I Don't Cultivate
Chapter 523: Old Hank
Chapter 524: An Extra God
Chapter 525: Crescent City
Chapter 526: A Greater God’S Surprising Appearance
Chapter 527: The Greater God Who Cannot Be Found
Chapter 528: New World?
Chapter 529: New World, Old World
Chapter 530: Game
Chapter 531: Those Who Witnessed History Also Became History
Chapter 532: Spokesperson
Chapter 533: Cooperation
Chapter 534: Fall
Chapter 535: Fusion
Chapter 536: Offense
Chapter 537: Three Buddha And Evil Demon
Chapter 538: Four Enemies
Chapter 539: Seal
Chapter 540: Misunderstanding
Chapter 541: Hidden Ascender
Chapter 542: Advent of Holy Light
Chapter 543: 5 Years, Tier 12
Chapter 544: Mistaken
Chapter 545: Retrieval
Chapter 546: Time and Time
Chapter 547: Light and Justice
Chapter 548: Twin Dragons of Time and Space
Chapter 549: I want to go home
Chapter 550: First Kill
Chapter 551: Mu Qishuang
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