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I Dragged My Fiance’s Uncle off the Altar Chapter 170-End - 170: Finale… Leaving

Chapter 170: Finale.. Leaving

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At the hospital.

Xing Shu leaned against the bed wearily. Her cell phone rang—it was Nie Xi. “Xing Shu, can you pick me up?” Nie Xi’s voice was choked with despair.

Xing Shu hurriedly got up. “What’s wrong? Where are you? I’ll be right there.” There was still a third of the drip left, but Xing Shu was anxious and could not be bothered to call the nurse over. She pulled out the cannula and ran out as she pressed hard on the back of her bleeding hand. After hailing a cab, she gave the address of Sunset Bar.

When Xing Shu found Nie Xi, she was sitting in a dark private room with tears streaming down her face. Xing Shu went forward helplessly. “Nie Xi, what’s wrong?

Nie Xi looked at Xing Shu through her tears and said, “Xing Shu, what would you do if Cheng Lang asked you to sleep with another man?

In an instant, Xing Shu’s expression changed. She was shocked. “Nie Heng,


“Yeah.” Nie Xi hugged her knees, feeling lost and sad. “He asked me to try it with another man. Xing Shu, what should I do? I’m confused. Can you help me?” She was really panicking now. When she heard Nie Heng’s words, her first reaction was that Nie Heng was joking with her. However, his expression told her that it was not a joke—he really wanted to send her to another man’s bed.

How ridiculous. She had thought that she was in love with Nie Heng, that she was like a moth flying into a flame. However, Nie Heng’s feelings for her were purely sexual. He did not even have a hint of possessiveness; he pimped her out just like that.. He could easily let another man screw her without a thought.

Xing Shu was at a loss. She thought about Nie Xi’s words. If Cheng Lang asked her to sleep with another man, what would she do? She would also break down.

After breaking down, she would probably escape..


“Nie Xi, have you thought about what you’re going to do in the future? Nie Heng will marry Liu Xiangru eventually.. When they get married and have children, are you going to continue this relationship with him? What if your relationship is exposed? Jiang Yao said that the two people you can’t cross in the capital are Liu Xiangru and Jin Yue because one of them is Nie Heng’s favored one, and the other is Cheng Lang’s would-be fiancée. Nie Xi, you should think about your future.” Xing Shu held Nie Xi’s hand, wanting to give her strength.

“In the future?” Nie Xi raised her head in confusion and looked at Xing Shu. “Do I still have a future?

“Yes!” Xing Shu nodded firmly. “As long as you want to.”

“I want.. Nie Xi looked around in confusion. Her originally unfocused eyes suddenly lit up bit by bit. She looked at Xing Shu and said, “I want to leave. I want to leave this place. I want to go to a place without Nie Heng and Liu Xiangru. I want to go to a quiet place..

Xing Shu said, “Alright, let’s go somewhere quiet.”

Nie Xi asked, “Will you accompany me?

Xing Shu paused for a moment. Many things came to mind.. Cheng Lang was about to discuss marriage with Jin Yue.. The unknown kidnapper who had threatened her.. Cheng Lang’s ambiguous attitude when he left.. She nodded. “I’ll accompany you.” She did not want to stay here. She did not want to be involved with Cheng Lang, and she even more so did not want to be forced to be involved with a married man.

In the private room on the top floor of Sunset Bar, Nie Heng was still waiting for Nie Xi to return. He had indeed propositioned a man to Nie Xi, but Nie Xi could refuse if she wanted to. He did not expect Nie Xi to have such a big reaction. She ran out as soon as he said it. After waiting for a long time and seeing that Nie Xi still had not returned, Nie Heng lost his patience and called Nie Xi. However, he could not get through. He called one of the staff over to ask where Nie Xi had gone, and was told that someone had picked up Nie Xi. Nie Heng asked who it was but nobody knew.

Nie Heng tugged at his tie in frustration and got someone to check the surveillance cameras. Only then did he realize that two hours ago, Xing Shu had arrived at the bar and helped Nie Xi out. The two of them had gotten into a cab.

Nie Heng called Xing Shu. When he could not get through, he got someone to go to Xing Shu’s apartment to look for her. However, there was no one there. After another hour, he completely lost his patience and got someone to track the whereabouts of Nie Xi and Xing Shu.

Meanwhile, Cheng Lang received a scheduled email on his cell phone. The sender was Xing Shu. The content was: “This relationship started with my meticulous planning. So, let me be the one to end it. I wish you a smooth career, a blissful marriage, and a happy family.”

When Cheng Lang received this email, he was discussing with Old Master Cheng to postpone the marriage alliance with the Jin family. He suddenly stood up from his chair and walked out without saying a word.

Just then, Nie Heng called. The moment the call went through, Nie Heng was exasperated. “Your mistress kidnapped Nie Xi.”

Cheng Lang choked and said in a hoarse voice, “Get her back. Even if you’ve to go to the ends of the earth.”

But.. some things could be gotten back.. And some could never be gotten back..

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