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Plundering in the Apocalypse Chapter 250  Poison Mark And 'Drogon'!

Chapter 250 Poison Mark And 'Drogon'!

"I can't hear her anymore," Lily said with a sad expression on her face.

"I see," Shin sighed, then continued. "Don't worry, we will save her."

"Umhm." Lily nodded her little head softly.

Shin closed his eyes using his Enhanced Senses to the extreme. While doing that, he also shared all the information by sending transmissions to Elena.

A few minutes later, after several checks, the buses finally stopped in front of a large wall where four large letters were written.


The children who were awake were looking at everything in confusion. They wanted to ask something. But the pressure released by the martial artists scared them, so they were forced to shut up.


The metal gate opened and a dozen people wearing security uniforms came out.

Although they all looked like normal security guards. But with a glance, Shin knew that they were martial artists of the Tarragon family.

With cold expressions on their faces, the security guards entered the buses one by one, and after confirming everything was clear, looking at the Shadow Hawks, they said.

"We will take it from here. The deal is complete."

Now that their mission was over, they were ready to leave.

But Shin, who heard that they were leaving, had a sneer in his The members of the Shadow Hawks didn't care about their attitude. Now that their mission was over, they were ready to leave.

But Shin, who heard that they were leaving, had a sneer in his mouth. 'So after delivering the children, they want to leave just like that. But who said I'll let them go?'

Shin's mind moved, and he activated his ability.

'Water Magic! Mind Control! Toxic Ninja! Shadow Veil!'

Dozens of water golems the size of a grain appeared in Shin's hand. But under the effects of Shadow Veil, they were all invisible.

With his Mind Control, Shin controlled the water golems to sneak up to the members of the Shadow Hawk.

As the dozens of water golems moved around, no one found anything abnormal.

Under Shin's control, the water golems touched the martial artists' skin and the next moment, a purple poison mark appeared on the bodies.

Of course, it was immediately hidden by the Shadow Veil.

The Shadow Hawk members only felt a cold touch in their bodies. But when they checked, they found nothing.

This matter was so insignificant that they forgot immediately.

Only Shin, who knew what he did, had an evil smirk on his face.

As the name suggests, the poison mark will slowly poison their bodies. But it will not kill them unless Shin wants.

Once the poison is spread in their entire bodies. Shin can kill them or control them at will.

The only way to escape it is to find the poison mark in time and immediately remove the part which is poisoned.

But the most terrifying part about the poison mark is that until the caster wants, the poison won't show its effects.

Moreover, Shin also used the Shadow Veil to make the Poison Mark invisible.

Now he just has to wait and use it when dealing with Wolner Clan.


As they were taken inside the facility. Shin noticed that all the walls have been reinforced with some hard metal as well as mana.

*Screech* (The bus stops.)

A shirtless man with a dragon tattoo on his chest shouted. "Everyone move out!"

Hearing the cold words from the mouth of the fierce-looking man. The children were scared.

"I-I don't want to go. I want to go with that kind uncle." A child with a snot on his face cried.

The man instantly became furious and shouted. "SHUT UP!"

While shouting, he also released killing intent. It made their bodies cold, and the place turned extremely silent.

Looking at their reaction, the man nodded in satisfaction. "Hmm, now obediently follow behind me."

The children, although scared but did what he said.

Seeing their shaking legs, the man murmured with a sigh, "Can't they just be obedient? Otherwise, why would I go the hard way?"

"Mr. Chuchu!" historical

When the man heard someone calling him by his real name, his face collapsed.

He saw several people wearing white researcher uniforms coming towards him.

With a disgusted expression on his face, the man uttered. "I remember I told you not to call me that. Call me, Drogon."

Everyone heard him and nodded in agreement.

"Okay, Mr. Chuchu."

"As you say, Mr. Chuchu."

"We will call you Drogon, Mr. Chuchu."

Chuchu's expression darkened. He really wanted to kill these brain-dead researchers.

Unfortunately, if he does that, the Tarragon family will kick him out. He, Drogon, has dragon blood in his genes. How can he bear himself to be kicked out of the Tarragon Family?

A researcher wearing round glasses pacified before the matter extends. "Okay, stop messing around. Take the goods to the warehouse and mark them."

"Yes, sir." The researchers also saw Chuchu's dark expression. So they got to work hurriedly.

Chuchu, who lost his chance to teach them a lesson, could only suppress the annoyance in his heart.

The researcher, wearing round glasses, walked up to Chuchu and said. "Just ignore them, Mr. Drogon. They all respect you. It's just the current research is very exhausting and talking with you. They just find fun and it refreshes their minds."

When Chuchu heard the researcher calling himself Drogon. His mood improved a bit, and his original dissatisfaction also vanished.

With a reluctant look on his face. Chuchu nodded in understanding.

"Well, it must be exhausting."

"It sure is." The researcher nodded with a sigh, then said. "But everything is for the great cause of mankind."

For the researcher's words, Chuchu didn't say anything. Just nodded his head slightly. But inwardly he was scoffing.

'Sake of mankind, what bullshit. In the past half a year that I worked here. More than 500 humans entered this lab. But I haven't seen anyone come out alive yet.'

'For the sake of mankind, you say. I don't know how many more are going to die.'

Half a year ago, Chuchu was sent here to work as a manager of the warehouse. At first, he didn't know what kind of place it actually was. So his compassionate heart made him take care of the children in the warehouse with as much care as he can.

Every few days, the researchers come and take a few people from the warehouse. At first, Chuchu didn't think much. But the people who were taken never came back.

This made Chuchu's heart restless. So one day he tried asking a researcher who came to take people.

"Where do you take these people?"

The researcher looked at him with confused eyes and uttered.

"You mean these goods?"


"It seems you are new here."

To this, Chuchu nodded.

"No wonder you don't understand." The researcher had a look of understanding. Then, looking at Chuchu, he explained.

"Well, it's not a secret. So I'll tell you."


Remembering the past, Chuchu shook his head with a grim expression. He heard a shout that brought his attention.


He saw a child fall because of the hard pull of the researcher and his body was bruised.

"Hey, don't damage the goods."

The other researchers went up to him and immediately admonished him.

'Goods, huh?' Chuchu pursed his lips sadly. Then shook his head and once again a fake vicious smile appeared on his face.

'Don't think about it, Drogon. As long as Lydia is fine. Nothing matters.'

Thinking of that girl, Chuchu tried to appear as cold as possible.

"Everyone hurry up. Don't waste my time."


Now as the children were taken to the warehouse. They couldn't hold back their fear anymore and erupted in cries. Even pressing them with fear wouldn't make them silent anymore.

"Nooo, please let me go!"

"I don't want to stay here!"



In front of them were hundreds of prison cells. In there were a few malnourished humans who had dead eyes, many ferocious monsters, and even some dead bodies.


Chuchu's shout made everyone shut up. But tears couldn't stop coming out of their eyes. They were trembling in fear and some even peed their pants.

Chuchu felt uncomfortable in his heart for scaring these children. But he knew even if he wanted, he didn't have the power to save them.

'I'm sorry, kids. But I have to do this if I want to save her.'

Even though his heart was crying. Chuchu had a vicious expression on his face as he said.

"Now that's how I like it."


"Everyone listen here. Now all of you will enter the medical room with a group of five and go to the cell allocated to them."

The children were horrified and wanted to escape, but Chuchu's next words broke their minds.

"Remember, if you try to escape. You will be killed in the most torturous way and finally be left for the monsters to eat."

With a maniacal smile on his face, Chuchu said. "I want to see someone try to escape. So I can get to have some fun."

"Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!"

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