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Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up Chapter 255 - Quickly

Chapter 255: Quickly

Translator: Blushy

Editor: Sam

“Lei, it’s me!”

The one who opened the door was Nico. I could tell from his voice.


I was happy even though I knew it was him. I jumped down from the chair and ran towards Nico.

“You look well. I didn’t think you were down at all.”

“I am down. I’m gwad you woow weww. (I’m glad you look well)”


Nico has a strong sense of responsibility, and I was worried that he would be worrying about the incident by himself again, but he seemed to be full of energy.

“Hmm. I was told that I was only allowed at the castle, so I decided to go to places I’d never been before.”

“Thath shoundsh wiwe fun. (That sounds like fun)”

“Mark took us to a place like that before, so I used that memory to find places I haven’t been to before.”

Nico narrowed his eyes and made an s gesture as if he was looking at a map in the air. He has a good memory, so he could remember places he’s only been to once before.

“Hmm, wiwe whath’sh nexth tho thhe cashthwe? (Like what’s next to the castle)”

“That’s right, I had a guard with me.”

Nico looked at me seriously.

“If the royals don’t know everything about the castle, then they won’t be able to respond properly when something happens.”


I agreed gravely. Nico remembered the way to the barrier room at that time, so we had a few days to spare.

“But I was told that it would be a problem if I were to wander around too much.”

I looked at the guards. They were waving their hands in front of their chests in a panic. It didn’t seem like they had complained that it was troublesome.

“Father and Uncle went to Easter. But His Majesty is here so there isn’t really a problem. I’m lonely, but I have Mother.”

Nico is a caring four-year-old who looked apologetic towards me for this comment, but I’m fine without a mother since I have Nii-sama and Otou-sama. But that probably wasn’t what Nico really wanted to say.

“I am not in a position to explain for His Highness, but I would like to if you will give me the permission.”

The usually unreliable guard began.

“We follow His Highness everywhere to protect him and that’s fine, but we have received complaints from people in the castle who aren’t used to seeing him. They said they were too nervous to do their jobs.”

“Buth ith’sh importhanth for thhem tho geth ushed tho sheeing Nico. (But it’s important for them to get used to seeing Nico)”

I think it’s fine for them to be glad to see the prince of their own nation.

“I was troubled and couldn’t wander around because the people at the castle can’t do their job.”

Is it alright for the people in Kingdom’s castle to be bothered by a four-year-old boy?

“They told me that the problematic children should all be looked after by the Albans House.”

“Y-Y-Your Highness, where did you...”

The guards were panicking, which was amusing, but I was bothered by the ‘problematic children should all’ part.

“I just happened to hear the people at the castle talking.”

“They’re so loose-lipped! Problematic child? Who do they think protected them a few weeks ago!?”

The guards were angry, and rightly so, but only a small part of the castle was affected by the Easter incident. The fact that Kingdom was about to be attacked by Hollows might not be important to those who hadn’t realised.

At least Nico’s guards know exactly how important Nico is. How commendable. They didn’t just consider that he is important because he is a Prince, but also because he’s a splendid person. I thought they were unreliable guards but maybe I should reconsider my impression of them.

“It’s alright. I don’t mind if people consider me a problematic child.”

Nico’s expression, despite the weight of his words, looked his age and I was relieved.

“Geez, the royal family is so troublesome.”

Otou-sama appeared in the corridor. He probably thought it was funny that they wanted him to look after Nico even though they never asked him, the head of the house. I felt bad for Otou-sama since he had to go to the castle and then come back straight away, but I was happy that he was home on a weekday afternoon.

“His Highness wanders around the castle so much that his house arrest was pointless. So well, his house arrest ended early because he moved around so well.”

Otou-sama crouched down which was unusual for him and looked at Nico in the eye as he explained this. It sounded as if he was complimenting Nico for wandering around, but this is Otou-sama.

“Your Highness, you don’t have to take what you’re told so seriously, but I was surprised since I didn’t expect you to come to the Albans residence.”

Too honest, I must say.

“I’m sorry. I’ve caused you trouble.”

“No, I’m sure Lei is happy that you’re here.”

He really is being too honest.

“I know it was sudden, but I will arrange the guards, so please do as you please.”


Otou-sama looked sternly at the guards.

“Our defence is built around Lei’s safety. You are still responsible for His Highness even if I adjust the guards to guard both Lei and His Highness. Be mindful not to cause a disturbance if something happens.”


Otou-sama doesn’t drop the defence around me even for a second.


Hubert might actually be a level-headed person since he was willing to speak up in a situation like this. He seemed flustered when everyone’s attention was on him, but the words that came out of his mouth were quite impressive.

“Lei-sama is in the middle of her studies right now...”

The guards were dumbfounded. They looked like they wanted to say, “You’re being rude to His Highness,” but Nico replied meekly before they could speak.

“Really? I’m sorry. Then I’ll study with her. Come on, Lei.”

Nico remembered where I was sitting. He pulled out an extra chair for himself, quickly took a seat and invited me to sit next to him. I felt a little vexed that he was faster than me as I climbed into the chair that I had been sitting on.

Hubert was acting suspiciously since he was being stared at by two toddlers, the Albans head and the guards from the castle, but he looked at his hands to proceed with the lesson, then looked up timidly.

“Lei-sama, what should we do?”

Come to think about it, he was going to alter the stone slab. This might be problematic.

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