The Villainous Bosses Mentoring System

The Villainous Bosses Mentoring System

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The Villainous Bosses Mentoring Systemdescription: Ever since Su Tian had transmigrated, she received a “Villainous Bosses Mentoring System” that could automatically identify villainous bosses IN THE MAKING. As for her missions, they were a little mo
The Villainous Bosses Mentoring SystemLatest Chapter:Chapter 163: No reason

《The Villainous Bosses Mentoring System》Latest chapter

Chapter 163: No reason
Chapter 162: No reason
Chapter 161: Lulu Luyu
Chapter 160: Lulu Luyu
Chapter 159: Leaf fall outside
Chapter 158: Leaf fall outside
Chapter 157: Leaf fall outside
Chapter 156: Liu Yanyan
Chapter 155: Liu Yanyan
Chapter 154: Outside the seat
Chapter 153: Outside the seat
Chapter 152: Outside the seat
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《The Villainous Bosses Mentoring System》Chapter

Chapter 1: move
Chapter 2: Starting school
Chapter 3: new student
Chapter 4: Fan
Chapter 5: business
Chapter 6: Opening
Chapter 7: Catch a liar
Chapter 8: Uncle police
Chapter 9: Liu Dazhaos comics
Chapter 10: Kakas ending
Chapter 11: Miss Dahao
Chapter 12: Post
Chapter 13: Muai [修文]
Chapter 14: Small fan
Chapter 15: One more
Chapter 16: Second
Chapter 17: Three more
Chapter 18: One more
Chapter 19: Second
Chapter 20: One more
Chapter 21: Selling the surrounding?
Chapter 22: Pestle
Chapter 23: set off
Chapter 24: get rid of
Chapter 25: Call the police
Chapter 26: sleep together
Chapter 27: First encounter
Chapter 28: go home with me
Chapter 29: love at first sight
Chapter 30: Come back home
Chapter 31: Open tear
Chapter 32: Continue to tear
Chapter 33: Compensation
Chapter 34: Selling
Chapter 35: will
Chapter 36: reply
Chapter 37: More silly money
Chapter 38: Miss Grandmaster
Chapter 39: Buy a marine museum
Chapter 40: Buy news
Chapter 41: Empathy
Chapter 42: Obsolete
Chapter 43: Tang family should be bankrupt
Chapter 44: Grandpa is coming.
Chapter 45: Fishing law enforcement
Chapter 46: Dont move, police!
Chapter 47: Fall
Chapter 48: Go to the emperor
Chapter 49: Come again
Chapter 50: Poor Nemo
Chapter 51: Deaf
Chapter 52: do not know
Chapter 53: Hit
Chapter 54: Visit
Chapter 55: ignore me
Chapter 56: do not know
Chapter 57: a chance to make a fortune
Chapter 58: Some people are plotting misconduct
Chapter 59: Dont like you anymore
Chapter 60: My name is……
Chapter 61: Refuse
Chapter 62: Know, dont know?
Chapter 63: gift
Chapter 64: Interview
Chapter 65: gift
Chapter 66: On TV
Chapter 67: Shame
Chapter 68: Grandparents
Chapter 69: pair
Chapter 70: Meet up
Chapter 71: come on
Chapter 72: Marriage
Chapter 73: Mutual pit
Chapter 74: family
Chapter 75: Falling horse
Chapter 76: set off
Chapter 77: Country teenager
Chapter 78: Selling cats
Chapter 79: Disease
Chapter 80: Long able
Chapter 81: Unannounced visit
Chapter 82: set off
Chapter 85: trap
Chapter 87: Release
Chapter 88: Ending
Chapter 90: Year 30
Chapter 91: want to see you
Chapter 93: One more
Chapter 94: Second
Chapter 95: do not buy
Chapter 96: wealth
Chapter 97: Valentines Day
Chapter 98: Send you roses
Chapter 99: Strong kiss
Chapter 100: scarf
Chapter 101: Goodbye
Chapter 102:
Chapter 103: Say willing
Chapter 104: Trick
Chapter 105: One point replacement
Chapter 106: Miserable
Chapter 107: The richest mother
Chapter 108: Two point replacement
Chapter 109: The baby is born.
Chapter 110: Fish grandson
Chapter 111: Two point replacement
Chapter 112: runaway
Chapter 113: Buy account
Chapter 114: One point replacement
Chapter 115: Not willing to go
Chapter 116: girlfriend
Chapter 117: do not buy
Chapter 118: City
Chapter 119: will
Chapter 120: Straightforward
Chapter 121: Grab
Chapter 122: Open the door
Chapter 123: Do you know what is wrong?
Chapter 124: The cloud is open
Chapter 125: the University
Chapter 126: Love triangle
Chapter 127: Kiss 2.0
Chapter 128: like
Chapter 129: Really sweet
Chapter 130: Sudden change
Chapter 131: Leave
Chapter 133: I like you
Chapter 134: Debt
Chapter 135: Bill, please
Chapter 136: Final goal
Chapter 137: propose
Chapter 138: shameless
Chapter 139: Exposure
Chapter 140: Installed wronged
Chapter 141: Bitter meat meter
Chapter 142: diary
Chapter 143: Sweet
Chapter 144: Yu Xiaobao
Chapter 145: Who is important?
Chapter 146: Engage in things
Chapter 147: Pothole
Chapter 148: do not buy
Chapter 149: 郁 小宝 mine second
Chapter 150: 郁 小宝 mine second
Chapter 151: Outside the seat
Chapter 152: Outside the seat
Chapter 153: Outside the seat
Chapter 154: Outside the seat
Chapter 155: Liu Yanyan
Chapter 156: Liu Yanyan
Chapter 157: Leaf fall outside
Chapter 158: Leaf fall outside
Chapter 159: Leaf fall outside
Chapter 160: Lulu Luyu
Chapter 161: Lulu Luyu
Chapter 162: No reason
Chapter 163: No reason
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