Open the Journal: I Drove a Helicopter

Open the Journal: I Drove a Helicopter

author:BaiYutang Genre:Harem Status:Ongoing time:2024-04-12 10:11:42 count:8310

Open the Journal: I Drove a Helicopterdescription: At the beginning of the freshman year, Lin Chen unexpectedly won the golden finger, completed the system designated tasks, and received super rich rewards! The starting task is to drive the helicopte
Open the Journal: I Drove a HelicopterLatest Chapter:Chapter 1511: Rescue (Part 1)

《Open the Journal: I Drove a Helicopter》Latest chapter

《Open the Journal: I Drove a Helicopter》Chapter

Chapter 1: Helicopter report
Chapter 2: Rented helicopter
Chapter 3: Apologize
Chapter 4: Elder sister is shy
Chapter 5: Drank too much
Chapter 6: Waterfront Yaju Yunshuijian
Chapter 7: Beautiful neighbor visit
Chapter 8: He was molested
Chapter 9: Met the master
Chapter 10: Sister Xiaohua, join our club
Chapter 11: Here comes another senior sister
Chapter 12: Rolls-Royce Phantom
Chapter 13: Just look down on you
Chapter 14: This movie ticket is really white
Chapter 15: Apologize in public
Chapter 16: Going for military training
Chapter 17: Compete with the instructor
Chapter 18: Su Mo fell
Chapter 19: Its time to invite senior sister to dinner
Chapter 20: The company crisis is resolved
Chapter 21: Its Lin Chen
Chapter 22: What a fox
Chapter 23: Equity transfer ceremony
Chapter 24: Just inject 500 million into him
Chapter 25: One hundred thousand Jiujiang Li is so generous
Chapter 26: Shen Mengqis Love Breakfast
Chapter 27: Sister Chunxin sprouts
Chapter 28: The weird Su Mo
Chapter 29: Two Su Mo
Chapter 30: Encounter Jiang Li
Chapter 31: Yu Jie Jiang Chapter
Chapter 32: Thousand-year fox
Chapter 33: Is it okay to make a way?
Chapter 34: Sir move your Rolls Royce
Chapter 35: The car is rented
Chapter 36: Lin Chen is the majority shareholder of Earls Hotel
Chapter 37: Love letter is a prank
Chapter 38: I cant afford to sell it
Chapter 39: Villain, this is really your home
Chapter 40: Woman
Chapter 41: Soviet Union
Chapter 42: Hongda Mall has a new owner
Chapter 43: Daiichi Shinsei
Chapter 44: Good son-in-law
Chapter 45: Pagani Aeolus Kiss is the only one in the world
Chapter 46: This car is his
Chapter 47: The world is so small
Chapter 48: Its so handsome to kiss with one hand
Chapter 49: How about you
Chapter 50: Its so proud
Chapter 51: Incomprehensible
Chapter 52: Found a new business opportunity
Chapter 53: All for charity
Chapter 54: Are you against me on purpose
Chapter 55: Intangible installation
Chapter 56: Basketball
Chapter 57: Big reversal
Chapter 58: Beauties strike up a conversation
Chapter 59: got the wrong person
Chapter 60: Where is your father Lin Chen
Chapter 61: Uncle
Chapter 62: Got touched
Chapter 63: Retribution
Chapter 64: invest
Chapter 65: How do we live your ordinary students
Chapter 66: Drag the family and apologize
Chapter 67: Would rather offend
Chapter 68: Drunk again
Chapter 69: Awesome
Chapter 70: Gangster is coming
Chapter 71: Zhao Yuanhangs troubles
Chapter 72: Lease a Tomson Yipin
Chapter 73: Damn it
Chapter 74: Did you date anyone else?
Chapter 75: Lets be your own brother
Chapter 76: Moved to cry
Chapter 77: You bought a big yacht
Chapter 78: Mobile sea view room
Chapter 79: Envious of crying, okay?
Chapter 80: Hao motorcade dispatched to eat melons
Chapter 81: Record breaking
Chapter 82: Hi mention the title of car god
Chapter 83: Xiaotian is coming
Chapter 84: Bring more than four million watches to the barbecue
Chapter 85: Crying
Chapter 86: Is it the Jiang Fox he knows?
Chapter 87: Are you worthy
Chapter 88: Natural intern
Chapter 89: Ferrari 4 S shop is a sensation
Chapter 90: Encounter Liu Tianhou
Chapter 91: Had a car accident
Chapter 92: Im the fool in your mouth
Chapter 93: Emotional Counselor
Chapter 94: It is said to be a high-level PUA
Chapter 95: shocked
Chapter 96: Taro Mashed Bobo Milk Tea
Chapter 97: Su Mo
Chapter 98: calligraphy
Chapter 99: Didnt you come to cheer me on
Chapter 100: Calligraphy Competition
Chapter 101: Principal Lin Ti
Chapter 102: Mid-Autumn Party
Chapter 103: Who are you going to pack
Chapter 104: Show off
Chapter 105: Unless she is blind
Chapter 106: A pun
Chapter 107: Pretend to be on the main body
Chapter 108: Two keys for one dollar
Chapter 109: Be suppressed
Chapter 110: Calm down
Chapter 111: The best defense is offense
Chapter 112: Turned out to be the old principal
Chapter 113: Lin Chen again
Chapter 114: Does your boyfriend know
Chapter 115: uninvited guest
Chapter 116: I am her boyfriend
Chapter 117: Hero saves beauty
Chapter 118: You are coveting my girlfriend
Chapter 119: Su Tao
Chapter 120: Indecent
Chapter 121: Get out
Chapter 122: After brainwashing Liu Tianhou, she must be happy in life
Chapter 123: birthday present
Chapter 124: Buy a villa and stop the supercar
Chapter 125: The bamboo basket is empty
Chapter 126: Rent collection boss online
Chapter 127: Liu Yusheng is a sensation
Chapter 128: Ask for leave to go home
Chapter 129: Promising
Chapter 130: gift
Chapter 131: That car belongs to your brother
Chapter 132: Brother, our family is rich
Chapter 133: Send Qinhao motorcade out
Chapter 134: You said it was rented
Chapter 135: Liu Yusheng is here
Chapter 136: meet
Chapter 137: Scumbag
Chapter 138: Responsible for all subsequent costs
Chapter 139: Loss of humanity or loss of morals
Chapter 140: The whole world owes him an Oscar
Chapter 141: Five million
Chapter 142: Started to clarify
Chapter 143: Lin Chen is not a thief
Chapter 144: Dont be too Luo Ao
Chapter 145: Lin Chen arched a piece of jade cabbage
Chapter 146: Encountered a distant cousin and a socialite
Chapter 147: Moved into a new home
Chapter 148: Acquired South Bay Opera Company
Chapter 149: I am the first person
Chapter 150: Become a high school student composition theme
Chapter 151: Back to alma mater
Chapter 152: Build him a statue
Chapter 153: Its taken advantage of again
Chapter 154: You two were fired
Chapter 155: Three fires for new officials
Chapter 156: Ready to go back to school
Chapter 157: School intranet made a sensation
Chapter 158: Hao team escort
Chapter 159: Buy a villa to stop the supercar
Chapter 160: Lin Thigh, okay?
Chapter 161: the same person
Chapter 162: Terrible
Chapter 163: Make up
Chapter 164: Wall dong
Chapter 165: Daxian Chef
Chapter 166: Consequences of watching horror movies
Chapter 167: Nosebleed
Chapter 168: To be on the rich list
Chapter 169: A rising star in Donghae
Chapter 170: Ranked eighth
Chapter 171: Incorrect ranking
Chapter 172: Richest man
Chapter 173: Slap again
Chapter 174: Convince you without the wall
Chapter 175: Teach experience
Chapter 176: buying clothes
Chapter 177: Su Mo was very moved
Chapter 178: Jelly popping candy
Chapter 179: Lin Chen
Chapter 180: Jiang Li was forced to marry
Chapter 181: Jiang Fox is really drunk and fake
Chapter 182: Feast at Yes House
Chapter 183: Zishui
Chapter 184: Su Mo
Chapter 185: You are going to have an accident
Chapter 186: Meet with Zhao Yuanhang
Chapter 187: Chairman, why are you here?
Chapter 188: Lai Mao
Chapter 189: Make profit 20%
Chapter 190: Rich is willful
Chapter 191: Take a trip to Donghae City
Chapter 192: Dismount
Chapter 193: Jiang Heng apologized
Chapter 194: Almost made a big mistake
Chapter 195: He turned out to be the richest man in the East China Sea
Chapter 196: I have to take it back
Chapter 197: I saw it all
Chapter 198: Ye Qinxue doubts herself
Chapter 199: Mother Tree Dahongpao
Chapter 200: More than 200 billion deposits
Chapter 201: Nouveau riche uncles horse flea operation
Chapter 202: Your existence is used to discourage people
Chapter 203: The students are mentally out of balance
Chapter 204: Mentally fragile
Chapter 205: Brother Lin Chen pretends to be my boyfriend
Chapter 206: Wall dong
Chapter 207: Sensational Education Group
Chapter 208: Lin Chen
Chapter 209: Xia Hes mother and daughter appointment
Chapter 210: Reward Silbe Tuatara
Chapter 211: Beauty is in the eyes of beholder
Chapter 212: Cool out
Chapter 213: Encounter an acquaintance
Chapter 214: The fireworks event was a sensation
Chapter 215: Mountain monkeys, your face is the blushest
Chapter 216: Pengmen began to open for the king now
Chapter 217: Learning Xiaoxun
Chapter 218: Shocked the basketball team
Chapter 219: Im so stupid
Chapter 220: This kid thief is fierce
Chapter 221: Song Xiaohua is shy
Chapter 222: Song Qing
Chapter 223: Help kill the dog
Chapter 224: Waiting to receive the lawyers letter
Chapter 225: This car is too expensive to smash
Chapter 226: Pang Long is the son of Da Pang Hai
Chapter 227: Im kneeling
Chapter 228: Lin Di
Chapter 229: Arrange for a big beauty to pick you up
Chapter 230: The second
Chapter 231: auctions
Chapter 232: River Raptors
Chapter 233: Photographed the pink star to make a sensation in the audience
Chapter 234: Be famous in the rich circle of Kyoto
Chapter 235: The price should not be too high 300 to 400 million.
Chapter 236: Took her first time
Chapter 237: I dont want you to think I want me to think
Chapter 238: Is there anything more expensive?
Chapter 239: Wangfu Zhonghuan high-level attention
Chapter 240: High-level consumption made a sensation
Chapter 241: Kyoto Wen Jia shows good and Han Yanan is shocked
Chapter 242: Humei female presidents sweet troubles
Chapter 243: Han Yanans careful thinking
Chapter 244: Sherlock Fox
Chapter 245: Jianghu
Chapter 246: After all, the wealthy can be arrogant
Chapter 247: IMHO
Chapter 248: Sister, can you take your sexiness away?
Chapter 249: The second generation of beating the rich
Chapter 250: He is someone you cant afford
Chapter 251: Wicked
Chapter 252: Its an old-fashioned critic
Chapter 253: Fans of Liu Yusheng
Chapter 254: Can I report it while driving openly?
Chapter 255: Worry is not just a phone call
Chapter 256: He is under the unspoken rules of the employees
Chapter 257: Call dad
Chapter 258: Reward e-commerce group
Chapter 259: Im in love with the fairy brother
Chapter 260: Im super listening
Chapter 261: Su Mo Little Wild Cat Exploded
Chapter 262: Heavy bomb
Chapter 263: Liu Yusheng speaks
Chapter 264: The grumpy little milk cat counseled Lin Chen and moved
Chapter 265: Lin Chen trembling when driving to Runze Company
Chapter 266: Secretary Li dumbfounded
Chapter 267: Lin Chen is the boss Jiang Li shocked
Chapter 268: Jiang fox fell and couldnt stand it
Chapter 269: Seductive total
Chapter 270: Lamborghini ConceptS
Chapter 271: The owners of the VIP channel were shocked
Chapter 272: The mysterious man is Lin Chen
Chapter 273: vip seat
Chapter 274: Special hobby
Chapter 275: VIP room
Chapter 276: Molested su
Chapter 277: But he is still a freshman
Chapter 278: Cool out
Chapter 279: As bright as a mature and beautiful young woman
Chapter 280: The New Years Day party turned into a concert exploded
Chapter 281: I was so shocked that Li Keke was about to lose sleep
Chapter 282: He just wants to be a goddess quietly, okay?
Chapter 283: Outsider
Chapter 284: The rich second generations are terrified
Chapter 285: Dreams in the hearts of thousands of girls
Chapter 286: Stealing from the car
Chapter 287: Ears are going to be pregnant
Chapter 288: Im going to shock the wealthy circle again
Chapter 289: I am not interested in men
Chapter 290: Million Years Second
Chapter 291: The tires are blown up, the second child becomes the third
Chapter 292: Breaking the record and becoming a god
Chapter 293: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Donghae
Chapter 294: Another iceberg beauty
Chapter 295: Calm down first
Chapter 296: Sven scum is sloppy and sloppy
Chapter 297: Ye Qinxue is dumbfounded
Chapter 298: Back to home
Chapter 299: The entire Puan Group is yours
Chapter 300: I support you and fall
Chapter 301: Invitation Letter of China E-Commerce Exchange Conference
Chapter 302: I saw Audi RSQ, dare you believe it
Chapter 303: Big guys gathered in the game and shocked the audience
Chapter 304: The bosses of the Regal Club are all dumbfounded
Chapter 305: Announcement of the exchange meeting
Chapter 306: Li Keke Ren Jun picks
Chapter 307: Make an Oolong molesting Jiang Fox
Chapter 308: Want to invest 3 billion Jiang Fox cant believe it
Chapter 309: On-site call
Chapter 310: Terrible
Chapter 311: Boss, do you have a gold mine
Chapter 312: Three billion presidents of governors were moved by the wind
Chapter 313: Zhou Yuexin expresses
Chapter 314: I only want children to choose
Chapter 315: I dont want to hide it from you
Chapter 316: Peach blossoms blooming
Chapter 317: Beauty housekeeper hints
Chapter 318: Encounter high school flowers
Chapter 319: Unreliable Han Yanan
Chapter 320: Lin Chen sings the first
Chapter 321: Long-planned
Chapter 322: One hundred thousand cheques are okay to stack Taiyi Flying Pig
Chapter 323: Reward to the account to drive a new car to the appointment
Chapter 324: Lexus 20th and 54th
Chapter 325: Mysterious Royal Hotel
Chapter 326: Meet Yan Muxue again
Chapter 327: Beautiful misunderstanding
Chapter 328: Conspiracy
Chapter 329: See the parents in advance
Chapter 330: Yan Muxues troubles
Chapter 331: Yan Muxue takes it seriously
Chapter 332: Slander
Chapter 333: Invite him out
Chapter 334: See my father-in-law
Chapter 335: Yan father and mother are dumbfounded
Chapter 336: Dayamahabans
Chapter 337: The car drove off guard
Chapter 338: Locomotive
Chapter 339: First
Chapter 340: Broke the record again
Chapter 341: Warm expression
Chapter 342: Best Inner Helper
Chapter 343: Its okay to have no friends
Chapter 344: Luo Xin is starting to feel inferior
Chapter 345: Active Jiangxi
Chapter 346: There is no damaged field
Chapter 347: Come up for a cup of tea
Chapter 348: cos nine tailed fox
Chapter 349: Hold on
Chapter 350: Atheist minus two
Chapter 351: Sister-in-law
Chapter 352: The clown is himself
Chapter 353: Yang Xin accepted
Chapter 354: Come, lets go out and say
Chapter 355: They must be in a situation
Chapter 356: Su Tao light bulb
Chapter 357: Well-behaved little milk cat
Chapter 358: The chef comes to do the first
Chapter 359: Encountered high school classmates at auto show
Chapter 360: Something happened to Xiaotian
Chapter 361: Give it a name
Chapter 362: Hacker Luo Xin doubts life
Chapter 363: A righteous light who does not want to be named
Chapter 364: Things solved
Chapter 365: Business Interactions
Chapter 366: What flavor do you like
Chapter 367: Return to the magic capital with Jiang Li
Chapter 368: Just bought a small plane
Chapter 369: You call this a small plane
Chapter 370: Ignoring is the greatest contempt
Chapter 371: I cant even afford a plane with so few
Chapter 372: First arrived at Jiangs house
Chapter 373: Dreams come true
Chapter 374: Go to Pu Ling Company
Chapter 375: Expelled all who didnt come
Chapter 376: No time to act with you
Chapter 377: A kings house
Chapter 378: Am i right
Chapter 379: uninvited guest
Chapter 380: Let the Xu family give up
Chapter 381: Jiangs standing teams attitude is very obvious
Chapter 382: If you are not satisfied, change to a better one
Chapter 383: Harassment call
Chapter 384: Be a eunuch
Chapter 385: Lin Chen who is ignorant of his conscience
Chapter 386: Or hide in the closet
Chapter 387: Paintings with feet are better than him
Chapter 388: Afraid of you being beaten
Chapter 389: I see who dares
Chapter 390: Turned out to be a great master
Chapter 391: Lin Chen, the black-bellied Lin Chen
Chapter 392: Its just killing people
Chapter 393: The Wang family came to apologize
Chapter 394: What a Muyang dog
Chapter 395: No, Master Lin can still paint
Chapter 396: Muyang dogs face was beaten and swollen
Chapter 397: Dao
Chapter 398: Sign the assignment contract
Chapter 399: Do you know the machine shake
Chapter 400: Little milk cat has become a tigress
Chapter 401: Tigress stepped on
Chapter 402: Meteor shower
Chapter 403: Amorous
Chapter 404: So ordinary but so confident
Chapter 405: A little bit shameless
Chapter 406: Use his direct promotion.
Chapter 407: Sister Yusheng, why is your face so red?
Chapter 408: Meteor shower is coming to make a wish
Chapter 409: Art Awards Encounter Liu Yusheng
Chapter 410: A wild dog bites you, do you want to bite it back?
Chapter 411: Met an enemy
Chapter 412: Apologize to Master Lin
Chapter 413: Master Twins shocked the audience
Chapter 414: Hide in the womens toilet
Chapter 415: Want to keep a low profile
Chapter 416: You play the violin
Chapter 417: Young Master Shi Wushuang
Chapter 418: Time management expert
Chapter 419: Best artist
Chapter 420: Crazy masters
Chapter 421: Old fathers mood
Chapter 422: Take a closer look at Taekwondo
Chapter 423: It’s not bad to look at the plains and hills
Chapter 424: I am willing
Chapter 425: Do you know the two heavens of ice and fire
Chapter 426: A fight full of details
Chapter 427: The Mind of the Little Queen
Chapter 428: I like you
Chapter 429: Invite him to the spokesperson
Chapter 430: Careful service
Chapter 431: Dead duck
Chapter 432: Reduce the chance of hitting the watch
Chapter 433: Liu Yusheng is jealous
Chapter 434: Discovered Su Mos little secret
Chapter 435: Angry Little Wildcat
Chapter 436: Fire him
Chapter 437: Jiang Fox is coming too
Chapter 438: One is more ruthless
Chapter 439: Survive in the cracks
Chapter 440: Is Yu Jiejiang my sister didnt feed you enough?
Chapter 441: Sister will always be your sister
Chapter 442: Liucheng is cuckold
Chapter 443: Jiang Libas total temperament is fully demonstrated
Chapter 444: Men are big trotter
Chapter 445: I met Yang Xin again
Chapter 446: The big star is actually himself
Chapter 447: Tie back uncle
Chapter 448: Wont be the same person
Chapter 449: I was the one who broke him
Chapter 450: Wild King Su
Chapter 451: Su Xiao Mai Mai
Chapter 452: Uncle doesnt teach martial arts
Chapter 453: Tips for Avoiding Traffic Congestion in Donghai City
Chapter 454: You attacked again
Chapter 455: The humble old father of Dongchuang incident
Chapter 456: Papa Luo is really a talent
Chapter 457: Lily Dafa is good
Chapter 458: Why is yours so big
Chapter 459: Shocked that the first hacker was myself
Chapter 460: Destroy, shes tired
Chapter 461: Su Mos live broadcast
Chapter 462: You are not right
Chapter 463: Distress Societys death scene
Chapter 464: This chick is bad
Chapter 465: Last time in Kyoto
Chapter 466: Men in pajamas
Chapter 467: How do you know her name is Luo Xin
Chapter 468: Su Tao is here
Chapter 469: He is not a pervert
Chapter 470: Reward robot drawings
Chapter 471: Meet Song Qingwan
Chapter 472: Got a new idea
Chapter 473: Point Jiang Xuan
Chapter 474: Forgot him again
Chapter 475: People are more popular than dead
Chapter 476: Aura of the superior
Chapter 477: Admitted wrong
Chapter 478: Show you a big baby
Chapter 479: This **** taboo relationship
Chapter 480: Some people drift off when they become popular
Chapter 481: Blast out
Chapter 482: Asset management team
Chapter 483: Pay today
Chapter 484: The feeling of being dominated by sister
Chapter 485: Buy your company directly
Chapter 486: Bullet
Chapter 487: Dorsett Entertainment Club
Chapter 488: I cant get out in five minutes
Chapter 489: This is called a slap in the ears
Chapter 490: Pharaoh is set to not go out anymore
Chapter 491: Super Straight Guy
Chapter 492: Then go together
Chapter 493: You are threatening me
Chapter 494: Get out
Chapter 495: Honestly, isnt she making her up again?
Chapter 496: Something happened to the clubhouse
Chapter 497: Report your grudges on the spot
Chapter 498: The gap between people
Chapter 499: Extremely brutal
Chapter 500: More than one billion betrothal gifts
Chapter 501: Make your own
Chapter 502: Lin Chen is also a lover of personality
Chapter 503: Is this the aura?
Chapter 504: Play on the spot
Chapter 505: Robbed it all
Chapter 506: The conspiracy is coming
Chapter 507: I said it was King Shu, I didnt need to watch it for so long
Chapter 508: The rich mans world
Chapter 509: Love will disappear right
Chapter 510: You call this Xiaojia
Chapter 511: E-commerce big guys come to congratulate the move
Chapter 512: This is the gap
Chapter 513: Follow Lin Chen to eat meat
Chapter 514: Lin Chen who doesnt follow the routine
Chapter 515: Perverted Lin Chen
Chapter 516: This is really just art
Chapter 517: Luo Xins pet husband
Chapter 518: Yuanjia Road is narrow
Chapter 519: Business war begins
Chapter 520: Just listen to me
Chapter 521: Selena was shocked
Chapter 522: Dedicated Runhe Law Firm
Chapter 523: Talking nonsense with your eyes open
Chapter 524: Public opinion reversed
Chapter 525: Luo Xins Horse Flea Operation
Chapter 526: Make an offer and sell this technology to us
Chapter 527: Where are you confident
Chapter 528: Is the Hell-level Shura Field coming?
Chapter 529: Poor Flying Shadow
Chapter 530: Ill kill you if I dare to say it
Chapter 531: Are you going to dig my corner too
Chapter 532: Luoxins core competitiveness
Chapter 533: She seems to understand something
Chapter 534: Is it going to showdown?
Chapter 535: Reward Jinjiang Group
Chapter 536: Even if it’s a python, you have to hold it for me
Chapter 537: Your page
Chapter 538: Support Jiang Fox
Chapter 539: I allow you to have an opinion
Chapter 540: Dont you think you should apologize
Chapter 541: Who is the real one?
Chapter 542: All said everything from the first
Chapter 543: Who do you chat with
Chapter 544: Did you buy a fake mother tree Dahongpao?
Chapter 545: The general managers became flatterers one by one
Chapter 546: Sister-in-law
Chapter 547: No need to explain, I understand
Chapter 548: Killed, killed, and maimed, count me
Chapter 549: What the **** is borrowing a million to buy a house?
Chapter 550: Jiang Li misunderstood
Chapter 551: Is it Lin Chens suggestion?
Chapter 552: Luo Xin expresses
Chapter 553: Why are people missing?
Chapter 554: Classmates reunion
Chapter 555: Lin Yue is missing
Chapter 556: You and my brother may not have any results
Chapter 557: Porsche Palame
Chapter 558: Is the class reunion here?
Chapter 559: My brother ran out of your money
Chapter 560: He is much richer than me
Chapter 561: Just you protect me
Chapter 562: Weird Mingwei Xuan
Chapter 563: They are not chefs
Chapter 564: I am the new boss here
Chapter 565: Lin Chens large-scale law popularization column
Chapter 566: This kid is fierce
Chapter 567: How about this surprise
Chapter 568: Are you sure its just a skirmish
Chapter 569: Liu Yushengs advertised so much
Chapter 570: What do you say about the meal?
Chapter 571: Her brother is the richest man
Chapter 572: Su Moluo met
Chapter 573: Lin Chen really knows how to sit and wait for the harem to catch fire
Chapter 574: Lin Chens parents came over and Jiang Li was dumbfounded
Chapter 575: Our boyfriends are all drunk
Chapter 576: How could such a coincidence happen
Chapter 577: Here comes the fault
Chapter 578: They didnt run
Chapter 579: Chen Yao was terrified
Chapter 580: Gathering a crowd to fight is clearly a unilateral sling
Chapter 581: Recognizing that its impossible in this life
Chapter 582: Do you see me like a person who lacks money
Chapter 583: You stepped on a horse to frame me
Chapter 584: Its a coincidence that my boyfriend is also named Lin Chen
Chapter 585: Los Angeles
Chapter 586: You guessed it right.
Chapter 587: Super scumbag
Chapter 588: I dont go to hell, who goes to hell
Chapter 589: Reached a consensus, Jiang Lipi got up
Chapter 590: Isnt it the Sunday you said belongs to you?
Chapter 591: Womans nature
Chapter 592: How does my stomach hurt?
Chapter 593: Its getting more and more like a boss
Chapter 594: Qian Yuanwus calculations
Chapter 595: Drink your own medicine
Chapter 596: You smell of feminine perfume
Chapter 597: Yewang sister is here
Chapter 598: Pit brother little expert
Chapter 599: Today is the third of the week
Chapter 600: Dont you want me to listen to the live broadcast?
Chapter 601: Assassinated again
Chapter 602: Su Mo was too fierce, Luo Xin dumbfounded
Chapter 603: Who told her not to climb the wall
Chapter 604: Los Angeles
Chapter 605: Its a lie to say that the even split
Chapter 606: Its weird, you havent been mixed doubles
Chapter 607: Jiang Xuans accident
Chapter 608: Their real purpose may not be money
Chapter 609: Lu Xuehais conspiracy
Chapter 610: Pounced
Chapter 611: Su Mo Young Expert
Chapter 612: My old mother is Luo Xin
Chapter 613: Found Jiang Xuan
Chapter 614: Jiang Family Invitation
Chapter 615: Banquet
Chapter 616: Warm family atmosphere
Chapter 617: Lin Chen misunderstood the scene of the death of a large community
Chapter 618: Said to choose me or her
Chapter 619: Luo Xins ideological consciousness
Chapter 620: Fertilizer does not flow to outsiders fields
Chapter 621: The aura and belly volume of the main palace
Chapter 622: You tell me this is sick
Chapter 623: Green Tea Sisters
Chapter 624: Our happiness depends on you
Chapter 625: Taking the road of green tea leaves nowhere for green tea to go
Chapter 626: Take your care
Chapter 627: Sister Luo Xin, you are not strong enough
Chapter 628: Gao Yuqings small calculations
Chapter 629: Su Tao misunderstood
Chapter 630: Failed to turn on sage mode
Chapter 631: Homework robot
Chapter 632: When do you plan to get married
Chapter 633: Dont blame me for being polite
Chapter 634: Warm call
Chapter 635: Its like shrimp and pigs heart
Chapter 636: Turn on straight man mode
Chapter 637: I already have a girlfriend
Chapter 638: You really have a girlfriend
Chapter 639: Dont let me see you again
Chapter 640: Papa Luo joins the open black team
Chapter 641: uninvited guest
Chapter 642: The wonderful mother and daughter are here again
Chapter 643: Frame your fingerprints
Chapter 644: Is it enough to bring a team over?
Chapter 645: Lin Yues walk for brother
Chapter 646: Little Beggar Luo Xin
Chapter 647: Serious nonsense
Chapter 648: Lin Yue was slandered
Chapter 649: It turned out to be a misunderstanding
Chapter 650: Cancel all partnerships
Chapter 651: Redeem first and then beaten
Chapter 652: Enemys first person
Chapter 653: Quarrel again
Chapter 654: Think of Su Tao as Su Mo again
Chapter 655: Weihua came out to be a demon
Chapter 656: Public opinion reversal
Chapter 657: Behind the scenes
Chapter 658: Let him thank himself
Chapter 659: Sent to dig coal again
Chapter 660: Come to apologize
Chapter 661: Mad at ones life
Chapter 662: A hundred tips for pushing your boyfriend to soft legs
Chapter 663: Boys must protect themselves outside
Chapter 664: The kind of personal bodyguards that still post money
Chapter 665: Su Moluo
Chapter 666: Milk bill
Chapter 667: In order to climb his house
Chapter 668: So that Lin Chen cant sleep in the world
Chapter 669: The ghost sleeps on his stomach, thats not the back
Chapter 670: Luo Xin couldnt eat grapes and said grapes were sour
Chapter 671: Living in Lin Chens wardrobe.
Chapter 672: Su Taos dream is broken
Chapter 673: Her brother-in-law is a pervert
Chapter 674: Straight man mode on
Chapter 675: Su Tao likes me making international jokes
Chapter 676: Your part
Chapter 677: Does Luo Xin miss these two hundred million?
Chapter 678: Experience life
Chapter 679: Take the initiative
Chapter 680: Little expert in business
Chapter 681: Quarreled
Chapter 682: Sister will always play like this
Chapter 683: Jiang Lis careful machine
Chapter 684: Be considerate and considerate
Chapter 685: Straighten your tongue out.
Chapter 686: To the hotel again
Chapter 687: Zhao Yuanhang pick up
Chapter 688: Know yourself and the enemy
Chapter 689: Did you save the galaxy in your last life?
Chapter 690: Facing the warm heart, Luo Xin was shocked
Chapter 691: Wens banquet
Chapter 692: What do you think of me
Chapter 693: Intimate warmth
Chapter 694: So many women
Chapter 695: Something on the face is a little handsome
Chapter 696: Are you sure its just a friend
Chapter 697: Warm, she panicked
Chapter 698: Luo Xin calls
Chapter 699: Fudge Dafa is good
Chapter 700: On the eve of the exchange meeting
Chapter 701: The mysterious President Su
Chapter 702: Big guys gathered to find him a match
Chapter 703: Good home
Chapter 704: Xiaomen Xiaohu
Chapter 705: Qin Chapter
Chapter 706: Luo Zhentian is on the stage
Chapter 707: The old men are gathered together
Chapter 708: Love from the old man
Chapter 709: You are the host
Chapter 710: How can a lady be a bad boy?
Chapter 711: Son of destiny
Chapter 712: The whole Wen Group is a warm dowry
Chapter 713: Gently stripped him
Chapter 714: Re-confess
Chapter 715: Tell Lin Chen that I can drink
Chapter 716: Dont call my uncle, let me call your uncle
Chapter 717: The sacks are arranged by the wrong person
Chapter 718: Su Mo Su Tao is here in Kyoto
Chapter 719: President Sus careful thinking
Chapter 720: Another person also looked away
Chapter 721: Play something fresh next time
Chapter 722: God and Mysterious Warmth Han Yanan
Chapter 723: Large-scale confession scene that cost nearly 10 million
Chapter 724: Found by Wen Ting
Chapter 725: Go back and inherit the family property
Chapter 726: Caring sister warm
Chapter 727: Why is Su Mo Su Tao here?
Chapter 728: The gap between people
Chapter 729: Warm fame
Chapter 730: What Lin Chen is here
Chapter 731: Boss, my last name is Choi
Chapter 732: Give Lin Chen a lesson
Chapter 733: ``Part 9
Chapter 734: Domineering husband
Chapter 735: The mysterious boss in the box
Chapter 736: Why call him Lao Wang
Chapter 737: Luo Zhentian who is addicted to games
Chapter 738: Hit him along the network cable
Chapter 739: Luo Zhentian
Chapter 740: Not killing him is to make him a punching bag
Chapter 741: I heard you are going to punch me to pieces
Chapter 742: The secret base of the underground power boss
Chapter 743: I heard someone is going to punch my daughter to pieces
Chapter 744: Use money to corrupt him, he has more money than me
Chapter 745: Qin family trouble
Chapter 746: He hugs thigh
Chapter 747: Civilized man
Chapter 748: If you dont use it anymore, I will come to find you
Chapter 749: He is not rich anyway
Chapter 750: One V second
Chapter 751: Its time for acting
Chapter 752: Jiang Li is here
Chapter 753: Jiang Lis Secret Weapon
Chapter 754: Jiang Li meets warmly
Chapter 755: she is my friend
Chapter 756: Big guys appear one after another
Chapter 757: Mainly
Chapter 758: Ma Dongsheng understands again
Chapter 759: Qin Yunpengs conspiracy
Chapter 760: Antidote
Chapter 761: Tell you a secret, its actually your uncle
Chapter 762: Flying Shadow Sack
Chapter 763: The joy of being fed
Chapter 764: You are so open
Chapter 765: Something happened to the Luo family
Chapter 766: Public opinion exploded
Chapter 767: Brother Didi is really dead
Chapter 768: The first hacker is my son-in-law
Chapter 769: Public opinion reversed the Qin familys anger and exploded
Chapter 770: Qin Jianyuans anger
Chapter 771: This is a date
Chapter 772: You broke up with Lin Chen
Chapter 773: Kill Lin Di
Chapter 774: Cant bear to start with his family
Chapter 775: Qin Yunpengs death due to drought and flood due to drought
Chapter 776: The irritable Luo Zhentian
Chapter 777: Wen Tings struggle
Chapter 778: Sack Arrangement Qin Yunpeng
Chapter 779: Shocking melon is coming out
Chapter 780: Qin scandal exposed
Chapter 781: Daughter-in-law and son-in-law are little cotton-padded jackets
Chapter 782: Your son was sent to Feizhou
Chapter 783: Jiang Li leaves
Chapter 784: Qin Yunpeng was taken away
Chapter 785: Warmth is coming
Chapter 786: The man behind the scenes turned out to be the Wen family
Chapter 787: Rotten Eyes See Human Base
Chapter 788: Has something to do with Selena again
Chapter 789: My dad wants me to have a baby with you
Chapter 790: Winset Group
Chapter 791: This is your sincerity
Chapter 792: Ill let you go
Chapter 793: See you Selena
Chapter 794: In danger again
Chapter 795: No
Chapter 796: Luo Zhentian is angry
Chapter 797: Comfort from the old father-in-law
Chapter 798: Chamber of Commerce emergency meeting
Chapter 799: Qin Jianye is here
Chapter 800: Collusion with foreign enemies
Chapter 801: Defied one after another
Chapter 802: Dont exploit who you exploit
Chapter 803: Luo Zhentian
Chapter 804: God assists dad
Chapter 805: Call from Winset Group
Chapter 806: Am I someone who can buy it with money
Chapter 807: Wife Group
Chapter 808: A bunch of clowns studying them
Chapter 809: Then how do you want me to explain the customs
Chapter 810: Go to Jiangs house again
Chapter 811: An old house where a treasure
Chapter 812: Feiying was caught?
Chapter 813: Science and Technology Research Institute
Chapter 814: An autograph was fired to hundreds of thousands?
Chapter 815: The Jiang family will always be your backing!
Chapter 816: What kind of marriage? Engagement is almost the same
Chapter 817: Sisters eat meat, don’t forget to let me have some soup
Chapter 818: There is a kind of fat called Grandpa thinks you are fat
Chapter 819: Academician Tao Hongde
Chapter 820: The star event is closed
Chapter 821: You are so big
Chapter 822: star? Legal blindness? Time to popularize
Chapter 823: People from the transportation department are here!
Chapter 824: Crime of obstructing traffic
Chapter 825: Im just standing on the shoulders of giants
Chapter 826: Not something that this era should have!
Chapter 827: What, let him be an academician in scientific research?
Chapter 828: Chief, please be your own person!
Chapter 829: Peach blossoms that keep going everywhere
Chapter 830: Buy this hotel
Chapter 831: 2.5 billion, someone elses spent?
Chapter 832: Encounter Xu Zimo, apologize!
Chapter 833: Go, take you happy!
Chapter 834: Its not good, the companys money is gone!
Chapter 835: You forgot, there are two hackers in the Luo family?
Chapter 836: Celebrities become small
Chapter 837: Im just an ordinary young man
Chapter 838: Dont tell me you are still in college
Chapter 839: He really didnt design it!
Chapter 840: Xu family father and son came to apologize?
Chapter 841: Didnt take you seriously
Chapter 842: Gather the women, summon a big vinegar jar
Chapter 843: Im just a bodyguard, why do you catch me?
Chapter 844: Move all Zhou Jings money!
Chapter 845: Su Taos heart
Chapter 846: Beauty tricks?
Chapter 847: In his own way, he will be treated as he is
Chapter 848: I saw Feiying
Chapter 849: Frog at the bottom of the well
Chapter 850: Are you all secretly collecting dowry?
Chapter 851: Share transfer meeting
Chapter 852: Flattery
Chapter 853: Wherever I go, there is a much-anticipated existence
Chapter 854: Susan, Sitis daughter?
Chapter 855: But he is still so young!
Chapter 856: Peach blossoms one by one
Chapter 857: Dancing with Susan
Chapter 858: Lin Chen who astounded the audience
Chapter 859: We are going to be with Lin Chen!
Chapter 860: Leave my daughter
Chapter 861: Dare to hurt you, we will kill it!
Chapter 862: Empty nest wife?
Chapter 863: Form a group to find Lin Chen
Chapter 864: surprise? Isnt this scary?
Chapter 865: Little Matchmaker Luo Xin
Chapter 866: Little Matchmaker is online
Chapter 867: The team has grown
Chapter 868: Do you call it a small villa?
Chapter 869: These women are going to do something?
Chapter 870: Just like Liu Yusheng, he will have the whole family.
Chapter 871: Revealing the true inner thoughts
Chapter 872: Okay, now all the matchmakers
Chapter 873: Was he bowed forcibly by the overlord?
Chapter 874: Admit to conspiracy
Chapter 875: No woman is innocent
Chapter 876: Sisters, its time to work again!
Chapter 878: Susans phone
Chapter 879: There is no woman in your heart, so its natural to draw a sword!
Chapter 880: Is there a third option?
Chapter 881: Leaving the magic capital
Chapter 882: Is it too late to escape the earth overnight?
Chapter 883: Zhou Jings Secret
Chapter 884: Anxious Qin Jianye
Chapter 885: I do not understand what youre saying!
Chapter 886: You are so bad, but I like it!
Chapter 887: Zhao Yuanhang is here
Chapter 888: Lin Chen, synonymous with miracles
Chapter 889: Wen Ting understands everything
Chapter 890: The chip is successfully developed!
Chapter 891: Surprise for Jiang Fox
Chapter 892: Contrast cuteness of Jiang Li
Chapter 893: Intends to donate one billion
Chapter 894: He is a wolf, the kind that cant be fed?
Chapter 895: Buy your shop
Chapter 896: Are you sick?
Chapter 897: Did you not consider joining the research institute?
Chapter 898: Im really not a scientific research genius!
Chapter 899: Dean Sun was shocked by donating one billion
Chapter 900: He is my boyfriend!
Chapter 901: I feel so sorry for me, why dont you treat me well at night
Chapter 902: Betray your dad and tell him the news?
Chapter 903: Behind the scenes of guiding public opinion
Chapter 904: The old men gather together
Chapter 905: Only Luo Zhentian will have all the people
Chapter 906: The conference officially begins
Chapter 907: It is illegal to spread rumors, did you know?
Chapter 908: Su Qiming speaks
Chapter 909: Uninvited guest is here
Chapter 910: Lin Chen incarnates as Lin Dao
Chapter 911: Gutter Qins mouth!
Chapter 912: Will the wind destroy it? What if I am that wind?
Chapter 913: The owner of the Winset Group, everyone was shocked!
Chapter 914: I thought he was a genius of science and technology
Chapter 915: The Chosen Son?
Chapter 916: Surprised? There is a diamond mine, do you count?
Chapter 917: Do you just want to have a fight? I tied it directly
Chapter 918: Too many troubles for girlfriend
Chapter 919: Its another day when the biscuits are filled
Chapter 920: Warm means learned
Chapter 921: Zhou Jings big trick, this is it?
Chapter 922: Uncle Luo, do you want a big vote?
Chapter 923: Going back to Donghae City
Chapter 924: Encounter Liu Yusheng
Chapter 925: Long time no see, excited Liu Yusheng
Chapter 926: Liu Yusheng is inside, isnt it?
Chapter 927: Who beat you, beat me back ten times
Chapter 928: I heard that you covet my woman?
Chapter 929: Apologize? Everything is late
Chapter 930: He is still a child!
Chapter 931: Xingshi asks sin?
Chapter 932: I am your Bole, go and ride a horse!
Chapter 933: Jiang Lis reminder
Chapter 934: Think for these two days, you belong to me
Chapter 935: Shall I retire?
Chapter 936: Two large garages of luxury cars, Liu Yusheng was shocked
Chapter 937: The rich world, they dont understand!
Chapter 938: Zhao Yuanhangs apology
Chapter 939: Uninvited guest, Lin Chen is angry
Chapter 940: Then you pay her a billion
Chapter 941: No need to stay alive
Chapter 942: Pick it out clearly
Chapter 943: Think about making an appointment
Chapter 944: Cinema, was recognized
Chapter 945: True dating
Chapter 946: Asking Lin Chen for money is clearly looking for a tigers skin
Chapter 947: To pick up Su Tao
Chapter 948: Isnt it your boyfriend?
Chapter 949: Cinderella? She is not
Chapter 950: Su Tao, want to make a surprise attack?
Chapter 951: It was sent in, what do you think?
Chapter 952: so what? Girlfriend only!
Chapter 953: You are the boss, who would dare to say you walked through the back door?
Chapter 954: Brother-in-law, I will always be your fan!
Chapter 955: Invite Su Taos roommate to dinner
Chapter 956: I believe you
Chapter 957: The cute girl as the name suggests
Chapter 958: Enrons careful machine
Chapter 959: Warmth from the little butlers
Chapter 960: Which link went wrong and all gone?
Chapter 961: Shes jealous, really
Chapter 962: Doomsday?
Chapter 963: Twelfth on the Donghai Rich List, that’s it?
Chapter 964: Donghai City, the **** storm is coming
Chapter 965: Are these people still bigwigs?
Chapter 966: Offending Lin Chen is tantamount to offending a group of people
Chapter 967: Then let you drink enough!
Chapter 968: Others are chasing stars, but I am being chased by stars
Chapter 969: Who is the one who cant offend?
Chapter 970: A good cup of green tea
Chapter 971: He is simply the devil!
Chapter 972: The plan failed?
Chapter 973: Wen Lanxin comes home, is willing to do anything?
Chapter 974: Shi Quan Da Tonic Soup, ready to arrange!
Chapter 975: Let’s talk about it later
Chapter 976: Someone is going to mess up again?
Chapter 977: He just wants to give every girl a home
Chapter 978: Luo Xin, Jiang Fox, who came to support
Chapter 979: Are you crazy, Jiang Huli was taken crooked?
Chapter 980: Naive Sisters Group of Four
Chapter 981: Feiying, Meiyao, understand?
Chapter 982: Candid photos are illegal, do you know?
Chapter 983: Lin Chen really knows how to play!
Chapter 984: Show him some color
Chapter 985: A woman will only affect the speed at which he draws the knife
Chapter 986: The walking gold masters father?
Chapter 987: The real boss is right in front of you
Chapter 988: Whatever you want to play, we can all be satisfied!
Chapter 989: Know less, be safer!
Chapter 990: Like to eat grapes? Come here by air!
Chapter 991: The amazing export of Luoxin
Chapter 992: Like, there is no reason
Chapter 993: Cheating Lin Chen? I wont agree!
Chapter 994: Xitis plan
Chapter 995: Miss Wen, do you like me?
Chapter 996: Do you know what is hardest on a duck?
Chapter 997: Miss Wen, your thoughts are very impure!
Chapter 998: Is this person sick?
Chapter 999: Jiang Xuan Tool Man really hammered
Chapter 1000: Let the Wang Family not stay in the Demon Capital!
Chapter 1001: Is Jiang Li up again?
Chapter 1002: Do you think about confinement in the future?
Chapter 1003: Susan is here!
Chapter 1004: Know yourself and the enemy, never end in a hundred battles
Chapter 1005: Susans road to chase
Chapter 1006: Are you afraid that I will sell you?
Chapter 1007: The road to chasing husband is a long way to go!
Chapter 1008: I didnt mean to want to eat your tofu!
Chapter 1009: Susans heartfelt words
Chapter 1010: Doesnt have a long mouth, so you wont apologize?
Chapter 1011: Remember to take your eyes out next time
Chapter 1012: What do you like me, cant I change it?
Chapter 1013: Hongmen feast?
Chapter 1014: How do you seek justice for him?
Chapter 1015: You call this youthful and vigorous?
Chapter 1016: Isnt the apology self-punished for three cups?
Chapter 1017: Is this meeting a male green tea?
Chapter 1018: I just dont take you seriously
Chapter 1019: Boys must protect themselves!
Chapter 1020: Get the genetic medicine!
Chapter 1021: Greed his body again!
Chapter 1022: Digging from Citina
Chapter 1023: Once again reduced to a biscuit sandwich
Chapter 1024: Lin Chens hands are not the same size!
Chapter 1025: Does she really like Lin Chen?
Chapter 1026: Threatened?
Chapter 1027: Lin Chen is a Lianjiazi himself!
Chapter 1028: Take revenge as you want
Chapter 1030: Dig the corner of Xiti, successfully digging?
Chapter 1031: Selenas secret is too bloody!
Chapter 1032: Lin Chen, or just follow me!
Chapter 1033: Put on the pants and dont recognize people?
Chapter 1034: Qi Xiuchengs tragic situation
Chapter 1035: The eyes of the crowd are sharp
Chapter 1036: Sure enough, too strong is not good
Chapter 1038: Love Brain Susan
Chapter 1039: Send this killer? Look down on him too much!
Chapter 1040: Its not good to provoke, but to provoke him!
Chapter 1041: Qi Heng bowed his head?
Chapter 1042: Why do I believe you?
Chapter 1043: Longhutang Hall Master?
Chapter 1044: I havent seen you yet?
Chapter 1045: Let go and do it, we are your backing!
Chapter 1046: Go to Dragon Tiger Hall
Chapter 1047: Punch me and cry? you try
Chapter 1048: Here comes the manager
Chapter 1049: Im straight to the point, are you fighting with me haha?
Chapter 1050: Why do you treat him as a weak chicken?
Chapter 1051: Turned out to be a woman?
Chapter 1052: You Longhutang, do you want to transfer it?
Chapter 1053: Only 20 billion? Good talk good talk
Chapter 1054: Lets let you ten tricks first
Chapter 1055: Exciting general method, wonderful!
Chapter 1056: She was careless!
Chapter 1057: Dont ask, just want to muffle the development!
Chapter 1058: The first group photo
Chapter 1059: This person is really cruel!
Chapter 1060: Susan is missing?
Chapter 1061: Have all gone back?
Chapter 1062: The layout is small
Chapter 1063: Not only are you blind, but you also have problems with your brain
Chapter 1064: High-priced luxury car, just buy it?
Chapter 1065: Is it now popular that the rich pretend to be poor?
Chapter 1066: Push the pot to him?
Chapter 1067: Just bought a luxury car, now you want to buy a house?
Chapter 1068: You are so black! I like!
Chapter 1069: Shu Wang? No need to wipe off, just buy it!
Chapter 1070: Misunderstood Lin Chen?
Chapter 1071: Signed a house purchase contract
Chapter 1072: Would you like to warm the bed?
Chapter 1073: Hiring a housekeeper, she wants to go!
Chapter 1074: I don’t remember, I have you goddaughter
Chapter 1075: Call him godfather directly? you are awesome!
Chapter 1076: Bring you some excitement?
Chapter 1077: Do you really like him?
Chapter 1078: Have a game for Crown City for another day?
Chapter 1079: Want to get him drunk? Naive!
Chapter 1080: Just a driver? Thinking more!
Chapter 1081: Stay here tonight!
Chapter 1082: Did he dig someone elses corner again?
Chapter 1083: Do you want me?
Chapter 1084: These days, anyone likes to be a housekeeper?
Chapter 1085: Its nice to have a little butler!
Chapter 1086: He is even more charming!
Chapter 1087: The main guardian butler is online
Chapter 1088: I am her boyfriend, whats wrong?
Chapter 1089: Those two, lets drive
Chapter 1090: Turns out to be a housekeeper for your husband?
Chapter 1091: Conspiracy against him?
Chapter 1092: Cant go back temporarily due to the weather?
Chapter 1093: Money that can never be spent
Chapter 1094: Brain fills the picture, nosebleeds!
Chapter 1095: Are you using alcohol to relieve your sorrows?
Chapter 1096: Sir, you look so good!
Chapter 1097: Have more than one girlfriend?
Chapter 1098: I think of Shen Mengqi
Chapter 1099: Brother is just a legend?
Chapter 1100: To be Lin Chens woman!
Chapter 1101: The meticulous service of the little butler!
Chapter 1102: Genius pianist
Chapter 1103: Another him in the piano world? A bit ignorant!
Chapter 1104: Must apologize to Miss Feng!
Chapter 1105: Its too easy, lets change to a difficult one!
Chapter 1106: Four hands combined to shock the audience!
Chapter 1107: Calm down, just basic exercises!
Chapter 1108: Followed by the talented pianist Feng Ruolin?
Chapter 1109: Can I worship you as a teacher?
Chapter 1110: Women chase men, compartment yarn!
Chapter 1111: A genius pianist, the heart of spring is sprouting!
Chapter 1112: Becoming a master depends on talent? !
Chapter 1113: The dead duck has a hard mouth!
Chapter 1114: Master Lin who understands the philosophy of life!
Chapter 1115: Can I ask you out?
Chapter 1116: Can you go to the magic capital?
Chapter 1117: Indirectly kiss with his cup?
Chapter 1118: This woman is very bad!
Chapter 1119: Are you still short of bodyguards? Close-fitting
Chapter 1120: lady? She misunderstood!
Chapter 1121: Blocked by musicians!
Chapter 1122: Let them all disappear? Stop it!
Chapter 1123: A genius girl with negative emotional intelligence!
Chapter 1124: The topic terminator is really a straight man!
Chapter 1125: Poverty limits her imagination!
Chapter 1126: Back to the demons!
Chapter 1127: In a hurry to hug your grandson? He is only 20!
Chapter 1128: Your taste seems a bit unique!
Chapter 1129: From the old to the young, the Jiang family is a living treasure!
Chapter 1130: Gene medicine, you can try it!
Chapter 1131: Mr. Jiang has an accident
Chapter 1132: The understanding Jiang Li
Chapter 1133: Does a genius doctor really exist? !
Chapter 1134: Forget it, I can only continue to install it
Chapter 1135: It’s not impossible to give you a test
Chapter 1136: Who do you believe?
Chapter 1137: It is a medical miracle!
Chapter 1138: Lin Chen himself is a genius!
Chapter 1139: Suddenly became sensational
Chapter 1140: That genius doctor, is it you?
Chapter 1141: Beauty capsule, Jiang Li was moved!
Chapter 1142: The wish of the old father-in-law is to hold his grandson!
Chapter 1143: The intimacy was hit, embarrassing!
Chapter 1144: These days, you are mine!
Chapter 1145: Feng Ruolin calls
Chapter 1146: You can be more active!
Chapter 1147: Met an acquaintance
Chapter 1148: My cousin, its Jiang Li!
Chapter 1149: Forget it, she should give up!
Chapter 1150: There is no silver here, three hundred two three hundred taels
Chapter 1151: Xu Zimos careful thinking
Chapter 1152: Do you know who I am?
Chapter 1153: Do you have no face and want others to reward it?
Chapter 1154: As soon as Lin Chen arrived, he was all persuaded in an instant!
Chapter 1155: Toad wants to eat?
Chapter 1156: I want to be your most loyal little fan!
Chapter 1157: Are you planning to give up?
Chapter 1158: Dont you plan to be one of his peach blossoms?
Chapter 1159: Ranking of the richest in China?
Chapter 1160: Go to Jiangs house again
Chapter 1161: Lin Chen, synonymous with miracles
Chapter 1162: The two women were shocked!
Chapter 1163: Let him arrange work? Trivial
Chapter 1164: Change place for you
Chapter 1165: What? Lin Chen turned out to be the boss? !
Chapter 1166: Arent you with us
Chapter 1167: I will take you home!
Chapter 1168: Your figure is really perfect!
Chapter 1169: If you dont, I will do it!
Chapter 1170: Go when its time to go!
Chapter 1171: When do you plan to go home with me?
Chapter 1172: Stupid
Chapter 1173: No cannibalistic fireworks
Chapter 1174: Want to be an internet celebrity?
Chapter 1175: You, not Lin Chen!
Chapter 1176: Stubborn and hopeless
Chapter 1177: The feeling of being with him is addictive!
Chapter 1178: Is it making trouble?
Chapter 1179: Long memory
Chapter 1180: They turned out to be rich people? !
Chapter 1181: Could something be wrong, right?
Chapter 1182: Wont let Lin Chen go
Chapter 1183: The dog jumped the wall in a hurry
Chapter 1184: You are not qualified to be my opponent
Chapter 1185: Luo Xin appeared, I am your aunts grandma!
Chapter 1186: Be addicted to being a matchmaker
Chapter 1187: Want to go abroad? Then go digging for coal!
Chapter 1188: Is there a more cruel punishment than digging coal?
Chapter 1189: Dont you mind?
Chapter 1190: Best with Lin Chen
Chapter 1191: Unexpectedly, you turned out to be a rocket!
Chapter 1192: I can promise by myself!
Chapter 1193: Could it be him? !
Chapter 1194: No matter how many girlfriends there are, there are only two waists
Chapter 1195: Seize the opportunity
Chapter 1196: Whose son-in-law am I?
Chapter 1197: Pretending to be a boyfriend? !
Chapter 1198: It turned out to be Master Lin!
Chapter 1199: Mad as a brother
Chapter 1200: Go with you
Chapter 1201: You like him right? I can see
Chapter 1202: Have more but not enough energy?
Chapter 1203: no progress? Brother, you cant
Chapter 1204: Ceremony scene, triumphant
Chapter 1205: Let him be proud of it for a while
Chapter 1206: How humble was before, now is more arrogant
Chapter 1207: You cant laugh even if you laugh!
Chapter 1208: The opening ceremony, even the image is gone?
Chapter 1209: Did you recognize it, it was him!
Chapter 1210: Do you know who is the largest shareholder?
Chapter 1211: Selena is here?
Chapter 1212: You are fired!
Chapter 1213: Interim President, Selena
Chapter 1214: Unexpected surprise, this is fate!
Chapter 1215: He is a big carrot, just get used to it!
Chapter 1216: Didnt you say it?
Chapter 1217: Will you be called Uncle Lin Chen from now on?
Chapter 1218: Isn’t it good to have a two-person world with Lin Chen?
Chapter 1219: Longhua Club
Chapter 1220: auctions
Chapter 1221: Capital verification
Chapter 1222: Isnt this the richest man in China?
Chapter 1223: Did it sneak in?
Chapter 1224: No way, want to kill people?
Chapter 1225: Something not as good as a beast
Chapter 1226: Rush to be taken advantage of? Complete him!
Chapter 1227: This is something a fool can do, right?
Chapter 1228: His face was green with anger!
Chapter 1229: The main thing is that I cant swallow this breath!
Chapter 1230: Winner in life
Chapter 1231: Sorry, cant help it
Chapter 1232: Not so smooth
Chapter 1233: If you dont make it yet, just agree with your body?
Chapter 1234: Really pitted!
Chapter 1235: Dead end
Chapter 1236: Intentionally raise the price? He dare not
Chapter 1237: He still admits
Chapter 1238: Straw bag, this is
Chapter 1239: Sorry, he is also a VIP
Chapter 1240: Dont apologize? Then pull into the blacklist!
Chapter 1241: Lius attitude: Get out!
Chapter 1242: Want to give it to them?
Chapter 1243: Lu Das conspiracy
Chapter 1244: Beat me to death!
Chapter 1245: Two fists are hard to beat four hands?
Chapter 1246: Its just a Lu family, what is it?
Chapter 1247: I trust you
Chapter 1248: Yu Kexins initiative
Chapter 1249: Lu Minghui is angry
Chapter 1250: His painstaking efforts
Chapter 1251: Is it related to her?
Chapter 1252: Indeed, one billion is not too expensive
Chapter 1253: Soldiers will come to block, water will come to cover it
Chapter 1254: Lu Da woke up, out of danger
Chapter 1255: Lu Minghui calls
Chapter 1256: I want to go with you!
Chapter 1257: Hotel appointment
Chapter 1258: A red face and a white face?
Chapter 1259: What do you want, just say it
Chapter 1260: Want Winset shares? How dare you?
Chapter 1261: The truth
Chapter 1262: I warned you
Chapter 1263: Those who want your life!
Chapter 1264: Let me meet him
Chapter 1265: Want to buy his life for five million?
Chapter 1266: Turned over the vinegar jar?
Chapter 1267: How far has it progressed?
Chapter 1268: Can I sell now?
Chapter 1269: Wont give up
Chapter 1270: Bad premonition
Chapter 1271: Strike first to be strong, fight for a way to survive!
Chapter 1272: Who will suffer next?
Chapter 1273: It turned out to be Selena
Chapter 1274: Let go
Chapter 1275: Madness to the extreme
Chapter 1276: He is my boyfriend!
Chapter 1277: No, Lin Chen is their backer!
Chapter 1278: finally understood
Chapter 1279: The company has an accident and the capital chain is broken
Chapter 1280: Black as white
Chapter 1281: Become the Back Pot
Chapter 1282: Killing chickens and monkeys?
Chapter 1283: One hundred million, all spent
Chapter 1284: found senior
Chapter 1285: Do you swear sovereignty?
Chapter 1286: Really change your mind?
Chapter 1287: Why come another one?
Chapter 1288: Lu Mingchengs meeting, is it a conspiracy?
Chapter 1289: protect you? Who do you think you are?
Chapter 1290: cornered
Chapter 1291: Lu Mingcheng, who turned his face, was extremely stupid
Chapter 1292: The thing is exposed, what a traitor!
Chapter 1293: Lee Seung-nam is here
Chapter 1294: The difference between a full meal and a full meal
Chapter 1295: No way, he gave too much
Chapter 1296: After a fight, let go of the past?
Chapter 1297: If not, will you join too?
Chapter 1298: Look how shameless they are
Chapter 1299: Lu Mingchengs counterattack!
Chapter 1300: Got scolded again
Chapter 1301: How is it done?
Chapter 1302: obsolete? What kind of abolition?
Chapter 1303: each has ghosts
Chapter 1304: Why did you just turn around?
Chapter 1305: If its a big deal, just go directly?
Chapter 1306: Are you serious?
Chapter 1307: Shouldnt it be, hungry for my body?
Chapter 1308: Absolutely cant admit it
Chapter 1309: What are they conspiring?
Chapter 1310: Why is it getting worse?
Chapter 1311: She is willing!
Chapter 1312: When did you become a little white face again?
Chapter 1313: Its just a Lu family, what is it?
Chapter 1314: It is impossible to replace
Chapter 1315: recognized him
Chapter 1316: Who did it?
Chapter 1317: Liu Haos distant relative?
Chapter 1318: Its all a bunch of rice buckets
Chapter 1319: Is the general manager here?
Chapter 1320: Looking for someone to take the blame!
Chapter 1321: A typical pig to eat a tiger?
Chapter 1322: Mr. Liu is here?
Chapter 1323: In the end what happened?
Chapter 1324: Are you threatening me?
Chapter 1325: too naive
Chapter 1326: intend to apologize
Chapter 1327: Theres really no way to get him.
Chapter 1328: Can she hear it?
Chapter 1329: The power of love
Chapter 1330: Cant I find you if its okay?
Chapter 1331: This is too exaggerated, right?
Chapter 1332: understand what he means
Chapter 1333: a bit too much
Chapter 1334: Oh? Then what do you mean?
Chapter 1335: he is my man
Chapter 1336: The third option is to kill you!
Chapter 1337: He must not die!
Chapter 1338: I know what youre talking about!
Chapter 1339: self-inflicted
Chapter 1340: Lu Da is actually dead!
Chapter 1341: Did they guess wrong?
Chapter 1342: Young people really know how to play!
Chapter 1343: There is nothing to be courteous, and it is either a traitor or a thief!
Chapter 1344: Are you thinking of taking power?
Chapter 1345: Think Lin Chen is a soft persimmon?
Chapter 1346: Then you are an accomplice!
Chapter 1347: It was her!
Chapter 1348: Surprise, is it you?
Chapter 1349: No matter how big she is, she is not as big as you!
Chapter 1350: Now or never!
Chapter 1351: almost recognized the wrong person
Chapter 1352: Heroes save beauty?
Chapter 1353: Reduced to the point of eating soft rice?
Chapter 1354: Thats the lord
Chapter 1355: go back and clean you up
Chapter 1356: Are you going to a family dinner?
Chapter 1357: Just be yourself
Chapter 1358: Are you alright?
Chapter 1359: What the **** is going on?
Chapter 1360: There is monitoring!
Chapter 1361: Is this appropriate?
Chapter 1362: let it go
Chapter 1363: She cant be the only one being brainwashed!
Chapter 1364: It was them!
Chapter 1365: Yu Dehais thoughts
Chapter 1366: made it too obvious
Chapter 1367: The relationship is unusual!
Chapter 1368: I didnt get the benefits, I made a mess
Chapter 1369: The boss doesnt mind, what is he hypocritical for?
Chapter 1370: You know that too?
Chapter 1371: Whats the matter with him?
Chapter 1372: There are people outside people, there are days outside the sky
Chapter 1373: Shes in a hurry
Chapter 1374: Wen Ting: The little padded jacket is leaking
Chapter 1375: When I am Luo Zhentian?
Chapter 1376: Its really a piece of the brain!
Chapter 1377: God dont open your eyes
Chapter 1378: to drive you out!
Chapter 1379: see a good show
Chapter 1380: Its really unlucky to have this mother on the stall!
Chapter 1381: Did you hit the iron plate this time?
Chapter 1382: Pay for a villa?
Chapter 1383: Do it yourself
Chapter 1384: See which man is blind
Chapter 1385: Did you finish what you didnt do last time?
Chapter 1386: a surprise for you
Chapter 1387: Its not the right time!
Chapter 1388: Really want to listen to the corner?
Chapter 1389: Got caught
Chapter 1390: Then betray each other!
Chapter 1391: Why did Jiang Li come!
Chapter 1392: It turned out to be a little white face!
Chapter 1393: A fatal mistake, I underestimated Lin Chen again!
Chapter 1394: Fortunately, there is someone younger than her!
Chapter 1395: Dont tease her
Chapter 1396: Are you still in the mood to eat? !
Chapter 1397: I havent found it yet, Ill bring it to my door
Chapter 1398: If you dont have enough intelligence, dont come out and hurt people.
Chapter 1399: I have proof!
Chapter 1400: The unfathomable Lin Chen
Chapter 1401: Arrange for Lu Minghui!
Chapter 1402: Why cant she be shy?
Chapter 1403: In terms of double standards, it has to be Luo Xin!
Chapter 1404: Want to see your parents again?
Chapter 1405: The best of both worlds, is there?
Chapter 1406: hate it
Chapter 1407: Double whammy, how exciting?
Chapter 1408: Do you still need to talk about this little thing?
Chapter 1409: Bad news comes one after another, regret is useless
Chapter 1410: With new people forget the old ones?
Chapter 1411: Never ask a man if he is okay!
Chapter 1412: Give the property to Lin Chen and kill them!
Chapter 1413: The money escaped, the defense was broken!
Chapter 1414: Offended someone who shouldnt be offended
Chapter 1415: Zhous invitation
Chapter 1417: visit
Chapter 1418: Mr. Lins hobby
Chapter 1419: Luo Xin is also here? others are stupid
Chapter 1420: True to its name!
Chapter 1421: Conspiracy, die together!
Chapter 1422: give you a good
Chapter 1423: Luo Xin was shocked when a tall building rose from the ground!
Chapter 1424: So why care about the process?
Chapter 1425: Charm of Lin Chen
Chapter 1426: You are not ordinary talented!
Chapter 1427: Luo Xin raised her eyebrows, and replaced the measuring tool.
Chapter 1428: warm mind
Chapter 1429: Face is not given by others
Chapter 1430: Feng Family, is it not what it used to be?
Chapter 1431: Who is Lin Chen? never heard of that
Chapter 1432: Self-inflicted sin, cant live!
Chapter 1433: This misunderstanding is a bit big!
Chapter 1434: all terrified
Chapter 1435: Is a director enough for you to be so embarrassed?
Chapter 1436: Lin Chen: I am my own backer
Chapter 1437: Is he really a shareholder of Winsett Group?
Chapter 1438: Why havent you left yet?
Chapter 1439: Do it yourself
Chapter 1440: Why such a big reaction?
Chapter 1441: Is his charm so great?
Chapter 1442: Still immortal?
Chapter 1443: Are you going to follow in his footsteps?
Chapter 1444: see color forget friends
Chapter 1445: IQ is super high, emotional intelligence is gone
Chapter 1446: Are you being treated as a foreigner?
Chapter 1447: Yang follows yin
Chapter 1448: Mr. Lin is here? everyone panics
Chapter 1449: fan ignition
Chapter 1450: Half an hour has passed, what about people?
Chapter 1451: Any ideas?
Chapter 1452: Who the **** is wasting time?
Chapter 1453: In the dark, ones own destiny
Chapter 1454: Abandon the car and protect the handsome
Chapter 1455: A mouse feces ruined a pot of porridge
Chapter 1456: Sow discord? You think too much
Chapter 1457: be a thief
Chapter 1458: dog bites dog, funny
Chapter 1459: He cant be better, no one wants to be better
Chapter 1460: The dog jumped the wall
Chapter 1461: Let him take the blame? impossible
Chapter 1462: pull back together
Chapter 1463: Its not right, theres a problem
Chapter 1464: Thinking of bribing him? no self-awareness
Chapter 1465: shelter him from the wind
Chapter 1466: Do you know what a frog in the well is?
Chapter 1467: backing? Wouldnt it be alright to have a nest?
Chapter 1468: Better to be friends than enemies
Chapter 1469: Jias nightmare, cooperation canceled
Chapter 1470: to inform you, not to discuss with you
Chapter 1471: Or, send some money to Lin Chen?
Chapter 1472: I lost my wife and lost my army
Chapter 1473: Incompetent bungler!
Chapter 1474: Let her plead with Lin Chen? crazy this is
Chapter 1475: really worried
Chapter 1476: Reverse black and white, add oil and vinegar
Chapter 1477: Break his legs!
Chapter 1478: Warm, it turns out to be a double standard dog!
Chapter 1479: let them dry
Chapter 1480: Dare to hit Winsetts idea? timid
Chapter 1481: Give you a minute, get out of here!
Chapter 1482: leave a way out
Chapter 1483: Mysterious Woman: You can only trust me!
Chapter 1484: I suspect that she is not human!
Chapter 1485: Enough to play, just remember to go home
Chapter 1486: I hate that iron is not steel again
Chapter 1487: Dont look at the monks face, look at the Buddhas face
Chapter 1488: Its too late for him to regret it!
Chapter 1489: their minds
Chapter 1490: family of vampires
Chapter 1491: It is difficult for a clean official to cut off housework
Chapter 1492: Mr. Lin, do you still heal?
Chapter 1493: Is it back to light?
Chapter 1494: Whats going on?
Chapter 1495: really good? The Feng family was dumbfounded
Chapter 1496: Lift a stone and smash yourself in the foot!
Chapter 1497: Physician? Its just spoofing
Chapter 1498: Lin Chen was dumbfounded, why did he kneel down?
Chapter 1499: Apprentice? no plan
Chapter 1500: Go for it!
Chapter 1501: take care of your dog
Chapter 1502: Give me the magic medicine in your hand!
Chapter 1503: Deceiving too much!
Chapter 1504: System fraud?
Chapter 1505: System, you come out, give me an explanation
Chapter 1506: Dont you feel shameless?
Chapter 1507: Enlightenment!
Chapter 1508: Strength upgrade!
Chapter 1509: It might be too late.
Chapter 1510: How are you kidding me?
Chapter 1511: Rescue (Part 1)
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