The Great Worm Lich

The Great Worm Lich

author:zszz Genre:Action Status:Ongoing time:2024-06-30 21:31:15 count:736

The Great Worm Lichdescription: A young man from the Miaowei Tribe brought up by his strict father, suddenly turned into Wizard I on the day he was orphaned. He then obtained the ability to control giant worms. Soon after, he found
The Great Worm LichLatest Chapter:Chapter 677: A Wonderful Performance

《The Great Worm Lich》Latest chapter

《The Great Worm Lich》Chapter

Chapter 1: Feeding the Giant Worm with Blood
Chapter 2: A Drastic Change
Chapter 3: Becoming A Wizard
Chapter 4: Refining The Worm
Chapter 5: Into the Jungle
Chapter 6: Distress – A Call For Help
Chapter 7: Life and Death
Chapter 8: The Mountain Village’s Young Man and an American Lady
Chapter 9: The Strange Insect Sculptures in the Wooden Box
Chapter 10: Compensation
Chapter 11: Malicious Intent
Chapter 12: Witchcraft’s Gate of Death
Chapter 13: Murderous Worm
Chapter 14: Father
Chapter 15: A Serious Case in the Mountain Village
Chapter 16: The Sherlock Holmes of Qu County’s Criminal Police Force
Chapter 17: A Ruthless Foreign Suspect
Chapter 18: The Old Police Officer’s Reputation
Chapter 19: A Crisis
Chapter 20: A Plan Comes to Nothing
Chapter 21: Premium Client
Chapter 22: Miao Medicine
Chapter 23: The Beginning of the Worm Hunt
Chapter 24: Toad
Chapter 25: Monster
Chapter 26: Mother
Chapter 27: Leaving Home Hastily
Chapter 28: A Different World
Chapter 29: Motherly Web of Love
Chapter 30: Breaking Into Qingyang Palace
Chapter 31: Single-Horned Copper Goat
Chapter 32: Rank-2 Wizard
Chapter 33: Decision to Kill
Chapter 34: Carrot and Stick
Chapter 35: Departure
Chapter 36: Vision
Chapter 37: A New Life
Chapter 38: Secret Witchcraft Method
Chapter 39: American Junior High in Reality
Chapter 40: The New Friend with Ulterior Motives
Chapter 41: Superb Knife Skills`
Chapter 42: Surprise
Chapter 43: Shock
Chapter 44: Doing Business with Lions
Chapter 45: Pain, Fear, and Despair
Chapter 46: Crazy Frog Murderer
Chapter 47: The Trouble that Came Out of Nowhere
Chapter 48: Murder in the Dark Alley
Chapter 49: The Compromise in the Dark
Chapter 50: A Suspect
Chapter 51: An Interrogation
Chapter 52: A Rich Girl’s Plea
Chapter 53: This Goose Pond was Their Family’s Goose Pond
Chapter 54: Entrepreneurship is the Way to Bright Future
Chapter 55: American Trial
Chapter 56: The Target Has Been Identified
Chapter 57: Unnecessary Complication of A Situation
Chapter 58: The Ferocious Old Man
Chapter 59: The Terrifying Young Man
Chapter 60: A New Beginning
Chapter 61: Zhang Lisheng’s Business Sense
Chapter 62: The Start
Chapter 63: Picking A Car
Chapter 64: George’s Bad Idea
Chapter 65: Visiting Queens Again
Chapter 66: Komodo Dragon
Chapter 67: Zhang Lisheng’s Decision
Chapter 68: A Chameleon Flowing Between Virtual and Reality
Chapter 69: Aftermath
Chapter 70: The Gliding Young Man
Chapter 71: The Rekindled Friendship
Chapter 72: Amazon and Donut
Chapter 73: The Reserved Favor
Chapter 74: Zhang Lisheng’s Plain Date
Chapter 75: The Young Man Who’s Also A Rank-3 Wizard
Chapter 76: The Moment of Life and Death
Chapter 77: Counter Kill
Chapter 78: Chiropractic
Chapter 79: The Worsening Condition
Chapter 80: A Science Expedition in the Amazons
Chapter 81: The Departure
Chapter 82: A Small Country Between Civilization and the Wild
Chapter 83: Argument
Chapter 84: Losing Direction
Chapter 85: Strange Pebble from the Supernatural Realm
Chapter 86: The Wise One Among the Natives
Chapter 87: Guides Who Come in Great Price
Chapter 88: Stepping into the Amazon
Chapter 89: A Flood Disaster
Chapter 90: A Disastrous Flood
Chapter 91: Accidents One After Another
Chapter 92: Killing and The Wizard Worm’s Transformation
Chapter 93: Lost
Chapter 94: Snack
Chapter 95: The Main Course and Side Dish
Chapter 96: The Cannibal Tribe’s Corral
Chapter 97: Rescued
Chapter 98: How Could He Return Home Empty-handed from A Treasure Mountain
Chapter 99: Always Been the Calm and Rational Young Man
Chapter 100: Parting
Chapter 101: Peace and Freedom
Chapter 102: The Power of a Rank-4 Wizard
Chapter 103: The Third Wizard Worm
Chapter 104: Eastern Evil Dragon
Chapter 105: Trembling with Fear
Chapter 106: Night Trip
Chapter 107: The War Between the Young Man and America
Chapter 108: Tina Has A New Idea
Chapter 109: The Young Man’s Racism
Chapter 110: Tina’s Bizarre Suggestion
Chapter 111: Misbehaving
Chapter 112: “Contract”
Chapter 113: Repayment
Chapter 114: Goodbye Tina
Chapter 115: Booklet
Chapter 116: Auction
Chapter 117: The New, New York Harbor
Chapter 118: Bait
Chapter 119: Zhang Lisheng’s Bizarre Request
Chapter 120: The First Business
Chapter 121: A Bad Omen
Chapter 122: A Nouveau Riche’s Generosity
Chapter 123: A Bizarre Maritime Distress
Chapter 124: A Mysterious Land
Chapter 125: Upside Down Midgets
Chapter 126: Aborigine Worship from Another World
Chapter 127: A Gory Football Game
Chapter 128: The Massacre Begins
Chapter 129: The Monster Sent by God
Chapter 130: Not An Ounce of Fear
Chapter 131: Learning the Meaning of Fear
Chapter 132: The Power of the Rank-5 Wizard
Chapter 133: A Strange Situation
Chapter 134: Straight to the Truth
Chapter 135: A Trip To Hawaii Brought Forward
Chapter 136: Negotiations
Chapter 137: You’re Out!
Chapter 138: The New Use Of the Crocodragon
Chapter 139: The Youngest Billionaire
Chapter 140: The World the Devils Inhabit
Chapter 141: Delicious Wasp Hive
Chapter 142: Cosplaying Figures
Chapter 143: Weak vs Strong, Defense vs Attack
Chapter 144: Standing Between Life and Death
Chapter 145: The New Ace and the Enemy’s Reward
Chapter 146: The Devil on Earth
Chapter 147: The Preparations Before the Hunt
Chapter 148: A Civilized Confrontation
Chapter 149: Finishing the Leftovers
Chapter 150: We Meet Again, Sage!
Chapter 151: The Advancing Young Man
Chapter 152: Sailing Out to the Sea
Chapter 153: The Girls’ Argument
Chapter 154: A Plan of Expanding
Chapter 155: The Wolf and Jackal that Defected to the Young Man
Chapter 156: The Aquatic Wyrmdragon
Chapter 157: Transformation
Chapter 158: The Pursuit of Perfection
Chapter 159: A Simple Matter
Chapter 160: Wyrmdragon
Chapter 161: Devour The Earth And Sky, Resize Itself As It Might
Chapter 162: Transformation Power
Chapter 163: A Night of Freedom
Chapter 164: The Emergence of a Powerful Country with Steam Engine
Chapter 165: Suspicious
Chapter 166: Powerful Strength
Chapter 167: Kung Fu Master
Chapter 168: Disguise
Chapter 169: Finishing His Training
Chapter 170: Exchange of Interests
Chapter 171: Natural Enemy
Chapter 172: Warning
Chapter 173: The Factory’s Owner with a Fast Punch
Chapter 174: The Young Man’s Political Strength
Chapter 175: The Transformation in the Midst of Attack
Chapter 176: Lost in the Supernatural Realm
Chapter 177: Crafty Acquisition
Chapter 178: A Powerful Punch and the Marvelous Eternal Comprehension Spell
Chapter 179: Carving His Name in the History
Chapter 180: A Fierce Confrontation
Chapter 181: Summoning the Wind and Rain
Chapter 182: The Strange Old Man
Chapter 183: A National Mission
Chapter 184: Entering the Trap
Chapter 185: The True Book of Witchcraft
Chapter 186: Emergence of the Living Corpse
Chapter 187: Packing
Chapter 188: A Disaster is About to Happen
Chapter 189: Steam Civilization
Chapter 190: A Serious Matter
Chapter 191: The Bone Book
Chapter 192: The Dust has Settled
Chapter 193: A Sudden Change in the Situation
Chapter 194: New Westward Movement
Chapter 195: A Brand New Era
Chapter 196: Character
Chapter 197: Setting Sail
Chapter 198: The City in the Supernatural Realm
Chapter 199: Coyote, Hunter and Tyrannosaurus
Chapter 200: The Hope of the Tribe’s Revival
Chapter 201: Compromise
Chapter 202: High-end Armed Force
Chapter 203: Accidents and Conquest
Chapter 204: Tudenan’s God
Chapter 205: The Generous Science Sponsor
Chapter 206: Successfully Setting His Bait.
Chapter 207: Coming to a Stump
Chapter 208: Fellow Countryman
Chapter 209: A Straw Shows Which Way the Wind Blows
Chapter 210: The Illustrated Handbook of Bioanatomy and Chemical Reactions
Chapter 211: Rumors
Chapter 212: Materials
Chapter 213: Ominous Premonition
Chapter 214: A Terrifying Experiment
Chapter 215: A Death Storm
Chapter 216: An Unusual Migration
Chapter 217: The Horrifying Island
Chapter 218: The Beginning of the Set-up
Chapter 219: The Beast Tide
Chapter 220: Bait
Chapter 221: God
Chapter 222: An Accidental Change
Chapter 223: Refining Corpse Puppet
Chapter 224: The Imminence of War
Chapter 225: The First Wave
Chapter 226: Conquest One After Another
Chapter 227: Raider
Chapter 228: Managing a World all by Himself
Chapter 229: Returning to Civilization and Accidental Revival
Chapter 230: Suspicious
Chapter 231: ‘Mythical Story’ and ‘Scientific Spirit’
Chapter 232: Cutting a Striking Figure
Chapter 233: The Function of The Gold Core
Chapter 234: Returning to Civilization
Chapter 235: Indulging in Passions
Chapter 236: The Order in the Wizard’s Eyes
Chapter 237: Ancient Ship
Chapter 238: There’s a World there Waiting for Me to Conquer!
Chapter 239: The New Conqueror
Chapter 240: Rank-7 Wizard
Chapter 241: A Difficult Yet Successful Second Transformation
Chapter 242: The Strange Robbery
Chapter 243: Insider
Chapter 244: A Great Personage and a Nobody
Chapter 245: An Outwardly Fierce but Inwardly Shaky Enemy
Chapter 246: The Just Interrogator
Chapter 247: Lesson
Chapter 248: A Stunning Performance
Chapter 249: The Changes in the Supernatural Realm’s Island
Chapter 250: The Arrival of the Goods
Chapter 251: Silly and Bold
Chapter 252: The Other Path
Chapter 253: Miracle
Chapter 254: A Success
Chapter 255: An Unexpected Encounter
Chapter 256: Taking Aim
Chapter 257: The God’s Territory
Chapter 258: A Sudden Change
Chapter 259: Getting Foisted
Chapter 260: Joining the Gang
Chapter 261: Pulling Chestnuts Out of the Fire
Chapter 262: The Shrimp B1 Island’s Aborigine Tribal Distribution Map
Chapter 263: The Mystical Witchcraft
Chapter 264: A Hearty Conquest
Chapter 265: The Dust Finally Settles
Chapter 266: The Dust Finally Settles
Chapter 267: Big Monster
Chapter 268: Good Luck
Chapter 269: Public Affair and Personal Relations
Chapter 270: An Era of the Law of the Jungle
Chapter 271: The Weakness in the Heart
Chapter 272: Attack
Chapter 273: The Collision between Sci-fi and Magic
Chapter 274: Success
Chapter 275: Maniac
Chapter 276: A Mysterious Phone Call
Chapter 277: Monster
Chapter 278: Newbie !
Chapter 279: Shortcoming
Chapter 280: Decoy
Chapter 281: ‘The Fantastic Thing’
Chapter 282: Change
Chapter 283: Gift
Chapter 284: Weak Horrifying Demon
Chapter 285: You Need to be Pious and Fierce
Chapter 286: Success
Chapter 287: The Multiple Gifts from the Raider
Chapter 288: The Temptation of Being Young Forever
Chapter 289: A Little Magic
Chapter 290: Sharing
Chapter 291: Hunter and Prey
Chapter 292: Coercion
Chapter 293: The Flowing Golden River
Chapter 294: The Lord’s Invitation
Chapter 295: The Flame of Faith
Chapter 296: Sacrifice and War — the Two Great Things of a Country!
Chapter 297: Experiment
Chapter 298: Getting on the Car
Chapter 299: Blood Banquet
Chapter 300: A Dialogue between Strengths
Chapter 301: A Game
Chapter 302: Each with His Own Axe to Grind
Chapter 303: A Change of Conditions
Chapter 304: The Birth of a Fanatic
Chapter 305: Scoring a Success Safely
Chapter 306: Strength
Chapter 307: The Formed War Machine
Chapter 308: Doorstep
Chapter 309: Making a Choice
Chapter 310: Change
Chapter 311: The Kindness Left Behind for Her Descendant
Chapter 312: A Prod
Chapter 313: Amiability and Fury
Chapter 314: Coward and Murderer
Chapter 315: Straight from His Heart
Chapter 316: Danger
Chapter 317: A Surging Undercurrent
Chapter 318: Raging Waves
Chapter 319: 30% of the Island
Chapter 320: Putting Away for a Rainy Day
Chapter 321: A Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 322: The Fence that Starts to Collapse
Chapter 323: A Rare Treasure
Chapter 324: The Mask of the Comedy King
Chapter 325: No Longer Intimidating
Chapter 326: Green Man
Chapter 327: Conjecture
Chapter 328: The Steel Master in White Light
Chapter 329: A Terrifying Accident
Chapter 330: Crisis
Chapter 331: Greed
Chapter 332: Victory and Defeat
Chapter 333: Risk and Gain
Chapter 334: Persuasion
Chapter 335: As He Wished
Chapter 336: The Strength of the Prey
Chapter 337: Extreme Joy Begets Sorrow
Chapter 338: Miracle
Chapter 339: The Devouring Monster
Chapter 340: Deal
Chapter 341: Temptation
Chapter 342: The Commencement of a Great War
Chapter 343: An Empty Punch
Chapter 344: Red Worm
Chapter 345: Steel Ships
Chapter 346: Map and Medal
Chapter 347: Rank-9 Wizard
Chapter 348: Party
Chapter 349: The Internationally Renowned Young Scholar Returns to His Country
Chapter 350: Change
Chapter 351: Returning to His Hometown
Chapter 352: Hitting A Dead End
Chapter 353: Shock
Chapter 354: True Book, True Feelings
Chapter 355: Old Acquaintance
Chapter 356: Genius
Chapter 357: Different
Chapter 358: The Knock on His Door
Chapter 359: Mutual Suspicion and Deception
Chapter 360: Gains and Losses
Chapter 361: Mountain Gate
Chapter 362: Items Secured
Chapter 363: Hearing ‘Oasis’ for the First Time
Chapter 364: Why Don’t I Go Back Instead?
Chapter 365: Leaving the Gate
Chapter 366: Military Campsite
Chapter 367: Blurred Vision
Chapter 368: A Wise Analysis
Chapter 369: A Good Place
Chapter 370: Ant
Chapter 371: Special Treatment
Chapter 372: Gu Nest Spell
Chapter 373: Speculation
Chapter 374: Battle Doctrine
Chapter 375: Smooth Sailing
Chapter 376: Exposed
Chapter 377: True Color
Chapter 378: Loud Thunder, Drizzling Rain
Chapter 379: Foretelling
Chapter 380: It’s Coming
Chapter 381: Pure Violence
Chapter 382: Timing
Chapter 383: Fossilize
Chapter 384: Survivors
Chapter 385: Born Arrogant and Unreasonable
Chapter 386: Acquaintance
Chapter 387: Trap
Chapter 388: Exchange
Chapter 389: The End of His Dao’s Journey
Chapter 390: A Rich Harvest
Chapter 391: The Sky Gutter
Chapter 392: Decapitation
Chapter 393: Sacrifice
Chapter 394: Rebirth
Chapter 395: A Seven-league Stride
Chapter 396: Furnace
Chapter 397: Frenzy
Chapter 398: The Giant Ape’s Form
Chapter 399: An Idea
Chapter 400: The 51st State
Chapter 401: Home Sweet Home
Chapter 402: Argument
Chapter 403: The Reemergence of the Light Wall
Chapter 404: The Five-colored Mud Ball
Chapter 405: Intuition
Chapter 406: An Ant Against A Tree
Chapter 407: Watch Out for Bugs
Chapter 408: Big Worm and Insect
Chapter 409: Tomorrow
Chapter 410: Civilization Grafting
Chapter 411: The Game Begins
Chapter 412: A Fail Escape
Chapter 413: Devil
Chapter 414: Psychokinesis
Chapter 415: Escape
Chapter 416: A Counterattack
Chapter 417: The Furious Ape
Chapter 418: ‘
Chapter 419: An Unexpected Kiss
Chapter 420: The Sea Chart
Chapter 421: The Show Begins
Chapter 422: Cannibal
Chapter 423: The Rescue Mission
Chapter 424: The Role of a Navigator
Chapter 425: Dark Chess
Chapter 426: Request
Chapter 427: Despair
Chapter 428: Riot and Savior
Chapter 429: Deliberation
Chapter 430: Sea Punishment
Chapter 431: A Raid
Chapter 432: An Outbreak
Chapter 433: The Lucky One
Chapter 434: The Fallen
Chapter 435: The Perfect Prey
Chapter 436: The Hellfire People Are Here
Chapter 437: Harvest
Chapter 438: Submission
Chapter 439: Innermost Feelings
Chapter 440: Noah Project
Chapter 441: The Change Brought by the Ark
Chapter 442: Invitation
Chapter 443: Fleet
Chapter 444: Everybody Loves Going to Noah
Chapter 445: The Start of an Expedition
Chapter 446: Like Crushing Dead Leaf
Chapter 447: A Virtuous Cycle
Chapter 448: Storm
Chapter 449: Extraordinary Power
Chapter 450: Rank-10 Wizard
Chapter 451: A Rank-10 Wizard’s Omniscient Power
Chapter 452: Order
Chapter 453: Those who Submit Will Prosper while Those who Resist Shall Perish
Chapter 454: The Dust Settles
Chapter 455: Atavism
Chapter 456: Change
Chapter 457: Invitation
Chapter 458: The Re-emergence of the Light Wall
Chapter 459: The Crumbling Stops
Chapter 460: Uninvited Guest
Chapter 461: Fishy
Chapter 462: Mystery
Chapter 463: A Heated Dispute
Chapter 464: Bullying the Poor Using His Wealth
Chapter 465: It’s Fine
Chapter 466: A Rising Desire
Chapter 467: Redhead
Chapter 468: Atlantis
Chapter 469: Clouds of Suspicions
Chapter 470: Accident
Chapter 471: A Shocking Change
Chapter 472: Foes and Friends
Chapter 473: Power
Chapter 474: Leaving
Chapter 475: Murder
Chapter 476: The Atlantean’s Precious Gift
Chapter 477: Gaffe
Chapter 478: Lies and Promise
Chapter 479: Deciphering
Chapter 480: God
Chapter 481: The Path of a God
Chapter 482: An Episode
Chapter 483: Dragon Hawk
Chapter 484: Enjoy
Chapter 485: A Power so Unexpectedly Mighty
Chapter 486: US’s Powerful Neighbor in New York
Chapter 487: The Hunting Begins
Chapter 488: Opposition
Chapter 489: The Profundity of the God’s Power
Chapter 490: Mysterious Ancient Strange Gu
Chapter 491: The Change in the Divine Power
Chapter 492: The Pundit
Chapter 493: A Triumphant Return
Chapter 494: Change
Chapter 495: A Distinguished Identity
Chapter 496: Sending Them Away
Chapter 497: A Trade
Chapter 498: Breakthrough
Chapter 499: Strong and Weak
Chapter 500: Attack and Reform
Chapter 501: Striking Out the Red in the Ledgers
Chapter 502: Revenge and ‘Filling’
Chapter 503: Penal Punishment and Lies
Chapter 504: Savior
Chapter 505: Disadvantages and Advantages
Chapter 506: Trap
Chapter 507: Weapon
Chapter 508: Crazy
Chapter 509: Power
Chapter 510: Tremble
Chapter 511: Old Enmity
Chapter 512: A Critical Trap
Chapter 513: The Fish and The Fisherman
Chapter 514: A Force Against Tens of Thousands Techniques
Chapter 515: Attack
Chapter 516: Breaking the Formation
Chapter 517: Creation
Chapter 518: Killing and Reason
Chapter 519: Devising a Stratagem
Chapter 520: Returning to the Island
Chapter 521: Rebirth
Chapter 522: Grand Wizard
Chapter 523: Requesting an Audience
Chapter 524: The Truth that is Mingled with Falseness
Chapter 525: The Merchant
Chapter 526: Spotting a Fraud
Chapter 527: A Disaster
Chapter 528: Return Voyage
Chapter 529: Deception
Chapter 530: A Meeting
Chapter 531: An Underplay and Breaking the Deadlock
Chapter 532: An Agreement
Chapter 533: A Dream Comes True
Chapter 534: Primitive Animal
Chapter 535: God-bestowed Shell
Chapter 536: Biochemical Weapons
Chapter 537: A Resurrected Giant Beast
Chapter 538: The Death of the King
Chapter 539: Legacy
Chapter 540: Research
Chapter 541: Victory
Chapter 542: The Mist-like Truth
Chapter 543: Hunting
Chapter 544: Defeat
Chapter 545: Smashed to Pieces
Chapter 546: Return Voyage
Chapter 547: A Fateful Encounter
Chapter 548: A God’s Nature
Chapter 549: The Collapsed Building
Chapter 550: As You Wish
Chapter 551: Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 552: Harassment
Chapter 553: A Big Mistake
Chapter 554: Plot and Invitation
Chapter 555: Acting
Chapter 556: Misleading
Chapter 557: Doing Away with the Beaten Track
Chapter 558: Born of A High Priest
Chapter 559: Nigiri Sushi
Chapter 560: The Cunning Rabbit that Has Three Burrows
Chapter 561: The Spectacular American Rally
Chapter 562: Scared to Death
Chapter 563: Misfire
Chapter 564: Leaving
Chapter 565: Black Cloud White Mist
Chapter 566: Yingzhou
Chapter 567: The Universe in a Nutshell
Chapter 568: Unreasonable
Chapter 569: Childhood Friend
Chapter 570: Reality and Illusion
Chapter 571: Too Much Is as Bad as Too Little
Chapter 572: Unwittingly
Chapter 573: New Power
Chapter 574: A Visit
Chapter 575: Simmering with Fury
Chapter 576: Losing Contact
Chapter 577: Into the Trap
Chapter 578: A Rat in a Hole
Chapter 579: A Battle of Death
Chapter 580: A Historical Relic
Chapter 581: A Calm Mind
Chapter 582: Oath
Chapter 583: The Leather World and the Path of the Future
Chapter 584: A Dangerous Voyage
Chapter 585: The Demon’s Goodwill
Chapter 586: A Point of No Return
Chapter 587: An Interlude (1)
Chapter 588: An Interlude (2)
Chapter 589: An Interlude (3)
Chapter 590: New Year Eve
Chapter 591: The Last Revelry
Chapter 592: Magic
Chapter 593: The Discovery of a Plot
Chapter 594: The Evil Religion
Chapter 595: Harvesting the Faith
Chapter 596: True God
Chapter 597: Order and Conceit
Chapter 598: A Genius
Chapter 599: The Establishment of Theocracy
Chapter 600: The Budding of a Civilization
Chapter 601: Scheming Each Other
Chapter 602: Deception and Fraud
Chapter 603: The Beginning of a War
Chapter 604: Provocation
Chapter 605: Counterattack
Chapter 606: Anxiety and Fear
Chapter 607: The Arrival of the Decisive Battle
Chapter 608: Victory and Defeat (1)
Chapter 609: Victory and Defeat (2)
Chapter 610: The God
Chapter 611: A Cruel Choice
Chapter 612: A Surprising Incident
Chapter 613: Bestowal and Unwillingness
Chapter 614: Mystery Over Mystery
Chapter 615: The Power of ‘Wind’ and ‘Fire’ (1)
Chapter 616: The Power of ‘Wind’ and ‘Fire’ (2)
Chapter 616: Going Home
Chapter 617: Entering the City
Chapter 618: Hell
Chapter 619: A Fateful Encounter
Chapter 620: The Invaders
Chapter 621: New York’s Believer
Chapter 622: A Changed Metropolis
Chapter 623: Killing and Bewitching
Chapter 624: Expansion
Chapter 625: A Fair Dealing
Chapter 626: Competition and Departure
Chapter 627: An Encounter by the Street
Chapter 628: Tossing a Stone to Find Out What’s Ahead
Chapter 629: Bizarre Rumors
Chapter 630: Falling into the Trap
Chapter 631: The Value of Oasis
Chapter 632: A Fine Breed
Chapter 633: Showing His Dagger (1)
Chapter 634: Showing His Dagger (2)
Chapter 635: Without Scruples
Chapter 636: Party (1)
Chapter 637: Party (2)
Chapter 638: Putting on Airs
Chapter 639: The Legendary Person
Chapter 640: Big News
Chapter 641: The Secret under the Desert
Chapter 642: Wetland
Chapter 643: Building a Ranch
Chapter 644: Zhang Lisheng’s Calculation
Chapter 645: Speeding in the Night
Chapter 646: The Growth of a God
Chapter 647: A Trade
Chapter 648: A Flying Elephant
Chapter 649: Unexpected Crisis
Chapter 650: Threat
Chapter 651: The Temple’s Discussion
Chapter 652: The Reality of Reality
Chapter 653: Big Event
Chapter 654: Gamble
Chapter 655: Going Back Home with Harvest
Chapter 656: Dr. Gray’s Secret
Chapter 657: Changes
Chapter 658: A Terrifying Discovery
Chapter 659: Chess Player and Pawn
Chapter 660: First Meeting
Chapter 661: Family
Chapter 662: New Friends
Chapter 663: Guest
Chapter 664: A Wish Comes True
Chapter 665: Returning to Wizard Li
Chapter 666: Skyfall (1)
Chapter 667: Skyfall (2)
Chapter 668: The Beginning of a New Era
Chapter 669: An Encounter (1)
Chapter 670: An Encounter (2)
Chapter 671: Coercion
Chapter 672: Massacre and Reunion
Chapter 673: The Galaxy Monster
Chapter 674: Ferocious Giant Eye
Chapter 675: The Little Jungle Country
Chapter 676: Equal in Status
Chapter 677: A Wonderful Performance
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